Step 4: Inexpensive lure for hanging trap

Picture of Inexpensive lure for hanging trap
After a number of trials, I developed an inexpensive lure that worked with the Horse Pal trap, so I made several of them to use with sticky traps near my house where the flies can be a bother.
Tanglefoot is sold in a spray can, but I do not find it effective, the flies can get loose. I use a plastic hardware-store spreader to apply it from a tub. I used two screws and nuts to add the handle from a defunct disposable foam paintbrush, to help keep the stuff off my hands. University web sites say that waterless handcleaner will remove Tanglefoot, but it won't. Because paint thinner (a.k.a. mineral spirits) may have some hazards associated with it, they will not tell you that it is the only thing that will clean off Tanglefoot, and for the same reason, neither will I.