Deflate a Tire (Sounds Dumb, Don't It?)





Introduction: Deflate a Tire (Sounds Dumb, Don't It?)

Gotten stuck in mud or snow before? If you have and realized that (usually) if you let out some of your tires' air, you can get out due to the increased surface. This is what 4x4's will most of the time do if there's no one around to winch them out and there's nothing to attach their winch to.

If you have done this (let air out), then you'd realize how long it usually takes to get down to the psi you want. This is especially no fun in the winter time. Sitting outside in the freezing cold, while cars pass without stopping to ask if you need help, letting the air (slowly) out of your tires to better your chances at getting free.

Well no more shall you have to do this. Now if you follow these instructions, you can easily switch caps and sit in your warm car while your tires deflate (time it around 2 or so minutes, depends on the size you make these and your tires).

These can also be used for "pranks", but I'm not here to say you should use these for such things (although the pictures kind of gives away what I made them for, but never got around to using them).

Step 1: Yellow Peas Aren't Just Meant for Eating...

Sorry, no actual pictures cause I made these a long time ago and never took any.
But I did make these instructable guideline photos when I made them and just found them recently.

We'll start out with the fast (both to make and to deflate) way.

Materials needed:
Yellow Pea
Super glue
Paper clip
Tire valve cap (aka Tire stem cap)

Steps (just as the picture says):
1. Cut yellow pea in half
2. Use super glue on the half pea and push into the bottom of the valve cap
3. Let it dry
4. Switch caps on desired vehicle when needed.

Step 2: Customized to Your Needs

Now onto the Custom deflating caps.

Materials needed:
Dremel (or a hack saw)
A 5/32 bolt
Super Glue
Valve Cap
Paper Clip

Steps (once again):
1. Dremel (saw) about a half an inch (I know the picture says different) or whatever the desired size is that you want. Larger equals faster deflate, smaller equals slower deflate which gives off less noise.
2. Glue the cut off piece of bolt to the bottom of the cap using the paper clip to force it down. Try to keep it centered.
3. Let it dry.
4. Switch the caps on the vehicle.

Hope this will help anyone who gets stuck during winter or at any time (beach, muddy dirt road, etc.)

Another (temporary) way to deflate your tires is to get a small pebble and put it on the inside of your tire cap and screw the cap back on.



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I did something similar to this recently, except I intended to use it as a prank, and it works much better in my opinion: I took the cap and drilled a small hole in the top and threaded a small screw(the type you would find on a plastic toy, I have a hole bag full) and then drilled another hole next to it (on the corner of the cap) so it has a place for the air to escape from.

poke the little needle with a screwdriver or something and that should work

muahahahaha keep these in ur ninja army arsenal!lol

There are actually a couple beaches where there are places to inflate your tires at the exit, so you deflate them to drive on the beach, then re-inflate them later.

traditionally you just take the tire cap off put a bb in it then put the cap back on.

Or a small pebble like I explained in the last step, but then you wouldn't have any actually type of timing for how long it takes to deflate. In these other steps, you could try it out on one of your tires after making it and time it to figure out how long it takes to deflate to different psi's. Then write it down on a piece of paper and put it with the caps, inflate your tires after you're done and then you'll know how long to wait.

I think we're getting off track here. If you read the description, you'll understand that these are used to let the air out of all 4 (or 2, depending upon your situation) of your tires while you sit back and relax. All you'd have to do is time how long and then switch the caps back. If you want to quickly deflate the tires, make the bolt long (about half the cap's length) and screw it on. Also, as mentioned above, you can also make holes in the end to help the air to escape. There is also another way to do this, but didn't think of it 'til now to mention it. So here it is: Take the cap and drill a hole through the center of the top with a 9/64" bit. Drill 2 or three holes in the sides (near the top). Now take the 5/32" bolt (don't cut the bolt) and thread it down through the hole. Now you have a cap that you can change when ever you feel like. Thread more into the cap for faster deflate or take some out for a slower deflate.

Car tires have the same style (schrader) valve, I had to remove the valve stem when i was using tire slime. you can also remove the central valve when you're re-mounting tires, the higher airflow makes it easier to mount the tire (I've done this with my spare a few times). and if you pull the valve, a tire will deflate QUICKLY. also they have to replace the valve stem to fill the tire, resulting in a longer delay... hypothetically speaking of course.