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Hey!  I finally finished my defuseable bomb clock.  The clock piece is from Nootropic design.  If you want to make the dynamite it's pretty simple.  Get a wooden dowel about 2" thick by a few feet.  Cut it into 8" sticks.  I had the guy at Home Depot do it for me.  I covered each stick with printer paper and spray painted them red.  I put 7 sticks together with electric tape.  The detonator clock was fastened with picture hanging wire.  My favorite part is where the wires connect with the "dynamite".  For that you'll need Crimp Splice Caps, easily found at the Depot. ($0.99).  Good luck!  


gatsbythegerbil (author)2015-10-06

Well, if the clock Ahmed took to school looked like this, I can understand the concern. Really fun idea! Might do something like this.

Mooch07 made it! (author)2015-08-28

Good idea there! You inspired me to make a similar one.

kdowell1 (author)Mooch072015-08-28

Awesome clock! Glad to be an inspiration! That looks really cool.

ctwal12 (author)2013-02-18

i was wondering if you would be interested in selling this product to me. if interested please reply back soon and tell me your cost.

kdowell1 (author)ctwal122013-02-18

i'm flattered but it's like my prize possession and well, my clock! It's not a hard build. You could knock it out before lunch. Regards!

Bosun Rick (author)2012-07-04

NIce i'ble, IF you are wanting to share a cell in Federal Prison! In these times, I think it is illegal to own, display, etc. anything that resembles an explosive device under federal law. I compliment you on the project, but just be careful who you show it to! IF word gets back to ATF, you could have unwanted visitors at your door.

kdowell1 (author)Bosun Rick2012-07-04

Thanks Bosun! I'll look into it. There are quite a few of these on this site. Also, Adafruit Industries, the maker of the clock portion, have alot of other faux bomb ideas. Happy Fourth!!!

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