Dehydrated Papaya





Introduction: Dehydrated Papaya

This is a continuation of my Instructable, Fresh Papaya - Cleaning and Cutting, and the third in a series on dehydrating fruit which includes:

If you enjoy this Instructable, I would highly recommend reading them.

I will assume you have cleaned and sliced your papaya as pictured. All that is need then is a good food dehydrator and some clean-a-screens which will make cleanup a lot easier.

Step 1: Load It Up!

Arrange the slices on the dehydrator trays with the clean-a-screens in place. A large papaya will take up approximately 5-6 screens. Set the dehydrator for 135 degrees Fahrenheit and let run for 6-8 hours. Rearrange the trays so that the top trays and on the bottom and the bottom trays are on the top and let run for an additional 6-10 hours.

Step 2: Done!

You can tell when the dehydrated papaya chips are ready by breaking one in half, it should snap crisply like a potato chip. Unplug the dehydrator and allow the chips to cool for 10-15 minutes. Remove the clean-a-screens and give them a quick shake and the chips should slide right off.

Enjoy! The dehydrated papaya chips should keep for a few weeks if kept in a dry and airtight container.



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    And also if its not dehydrated fully , but just so that it becomes chewy , i love sweet chewy fruits yumm!

    If the papaya can be soaked in sugar before dehydration im sure kids will love it !