Step 2: Getting Started

You Will Need:

Dehydrator, mine is a Ronco ( you will notice, I have labeled 4 out 5 of my trays for easy reading and for keeping track of rotating)
3-4 pounds of Apricots

Step One:

- With warm soapy water, wash and hand dry all of your trays from the dehydrator (DO NOT wash the base)
- Wash Apricots throughly
- Using your knife, half  the apricots & remove the seed (you can throw away the seed or I like to put it in my compost)

<p>Thanks for this! I was wondering how long to dehydrate for and I found your instructable, thanks. Making some now, smells great!</p>
I'm glad, hope they turned out to your liking
Thank you, they were. You always think you've made enough, until they are gone and you're left wanting more... Next year, I might do less Jam making &amp; more dehydrating
Really really need to get a dehydrator. :D These look amazing!

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