Introduction: Del Norte Nighthawk Cardboard Boat Regatta

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Made by Chris, Trennen, & Sienna

Step 1: Getting Supplies

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Helpful tip:
-make a model boat

Step 2: Base and Pieces

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1) flatten a large box and make a rectangular base 66.5in by 33in with a pencil
2) make a triangle at one end of the rectangle that is 33in by 15in with a pencil

Forming the walls
3) make 2 new rectangles 66.5in by 13.5in
4) make 1 rectangle 33in by 13.5in
5) make 2 rectangles 33in by 13.5in

Putting it together
6) lay all the cardboard pieces connected together
7) then ductape

Step 3: Security

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1) tape sides of walls together

-you can add long strips of cardboard to the seams between walls

Step 4: Support

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Middle beam
1)create a triangle out of cardboard 33in in width
2) ductape ends together
3) ductape to boat

4)cut out cardboard squares and secure to corners with ductape
-can do this several times to make multiple layers

1) ductape over seams with ductape

1) cut out a cardboard 13.5in in height and bend it to the shape of the boat's tip
2) ductape to wall

Step 5: Sealing Boat

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1) ductape all around boat

And now you're done! YEAH!!!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-06-24

Awesome job with the cardboard :)

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