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Introduction: Delete Windows Prank

This is my first instructable and is very simple to do. I have fooled a few people with this.

Step 1: Create a Short Cut

Right click on your desktop.
Go to new > shortcut.

Step 2: Pick a Random Folder

Hit browse in the create shorcut box and pick any folder or file. it really doesnt matter.

Step 3: Name Shortcut

After you pick the file or folder hit next and name the shortcut Microsoft Windows what ever version you have.

Then hit finish.

Step 4: Send the Short Cut to the Recycling Bin

delete the short cut.

oh yeah make sure your recycling bin is empty before you do this.

Step 5: Empty the Bin

right click and empty the recycling bin and take a screen shot or call someone in the room and tell them windows is deleteing its self.



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    You can do that. I'll write a script for it if you want.

    Classic. It looks so real


    I just did this and added it as my background

    nice... nothing harmful,but a great effect

    It would be really funny if you could make that your screensaver

    2 replies

    U can. Ctrl+PrtScr Then go to word and paste it on a blank page. Maximize the pic of the desktop and then right-click and choose 'set as backround'.

    This is interesting! Actually, at Step 4, you can hold Shift key and hit Delete key, and the confirm dialogue will pop up directly.

    1 reply

    Ahahhaha! Now this is funny! I'll have to do this soon.

    Priceless! Does it really work? I'm going to try this.