Introduction: Delete Windows Prank

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This is my first instructable and is very simple to do. I have fooled a few people with this.

Step 1: Create a Short Cut

Picture of Create a Short Cut

Right click on your desktop.
Go to new > shortcut.

Step 2: Pick a Random Folder

Picture of Pick a Random Folder

Hit browse in the create shorcut box and pick any folder or file. it really doesnt matter.

Step 3: Name Shortcut

Picture of Name Shortcut

After you pick the file or folder hit next and name the shortcut Microsoft Windows what ever version you have.

Then hit finish.

Step 4: Send the Short Cut to the Recycling Bin

Picture of Send the Short Cut to the Recycling Bin

delete the short cut.

oh yeah make sure your recycling bin is empty before you do this.

Step 5: Empty the Bin

Picture of Empty the Bin

right click and empty the recycling bin and take a screen shot or call someone in the room and tell them windows is deleteing its self.


nutsandbolts_64 (author)2010-08-20

lol, I made a comic strip out of it. If only this can be done.

iambrad (author)nutsandbolts_642010-09-12

You can do that. I'll write a script for it if you want.

erikals (author)2009-07-17

Classic. It looks so real

zitz (author)2009-06-28

I just did this and added it as my background

jeymeowmix (author)2008-09-03

nice... nothing harmful,but a great effect

Leeef (author)2007-05-20

It would be really funny if you could make that your screensaver

SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)Leeef2007-10-13

U can. Ctrl+PrtScr Then go to word and paste it on a blank page. Maximize the pic of the desktop and then right-click and choose 'set as backround'.

lookatmygrlyfont (author)Leeef2007-05-22

hmm ill work on that thanks for the idea!

mickey shimitz (author)2007-05-16

great idea im gonna do it right now

have fun! :)

Taotaoba (author)2007-05-09

This is interesting! Actually, at Step 4, you can hold Shift key and hit Delete key, and the confirm dialogue will pop up directly.

really? thanks i didnt know that

royalestel (author)2007-03-22

Ahahhaha! Now this is funny! I'll have to do this soon.

dataphool (author)2007-03-20

Priceless! Does it really work? I'm going to try this.

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