Delete Your Bad Voicemail Off Someone's Phone


Introduction: Delete Your Bad Voicemail Off Someone's Phone

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Every left a message you wish you could delete off a customer’s office or cell phone? You can! Check out these easy steps to save you from leaving a bad voicemail.

Step 1: Press #

Right after you realize you want to delete your voicemail press the # symbol. It is VERY important that you do not hang up the phone. Once you hang up your phone, your voicemail will be saved as is. The trick is to remain on the line.

Step 2: Listen to Menu

Once you press # on your phone, you will automatically be given access to a menu. This works on both cell phones and landlines unless the user of the phone has changed their initial setup. The menu will give you options to re-record your voicemail or delete it altogether.

Choose your option and you're done!



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