Introduction: Deleting an Undeletable Folder

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I was organising my computer and came across a folder that could not be deleted this turned out to be quite the frustration but there is a work around for this.

Step 1: Open the Windows Command Prompt.

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In order to delete the folder we need to use the Command Prompt. most people don't want use this as they are afraid for wrecking their computer but it is quite easy.

Firstly, right click on the windows button in the bottom left corner and select search or press the Windows Key + S to open the windows search tab.

Next type in "cmd" and at the top you will see Command Prompt select it then minimise it.

Step 2: Folder Location

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The Command Prompt needs to know where the folder is so Right Click on it then go to the bottom and select properties.

In the window go to location and copy the folder address it should be something like "C:\Users\YourUserName\Desktop".

Go to the Command Prompt and type in "cd /d" then paste the location address the complete line should be "cd /d C:\Users\YourUserName\Desktop" then hit ENTER.

Then type "dir /x" and hit ENTER

Step 3: Find the Folder

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Now a list of folders that are on the desktop will show up find the name of the folder on the right hand sight and directly on the left will be a all caps in my case the folder was named "ALL DA CAD" on the left was "ALLDAC~1"

Now type "rmdir /q /s ALLDAC~1" and hit enter the folder should disappear in a few seconds.

Hint: The "(~ (Tilde Key))" is on the left next to the number one key.


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