Cherry blossoms are delicate and beautiful, but so fleeting! For just a few weeks in spring they are everywhere creating their magical display, but they quickly dry up and turn brown if you try to save them. There are cherry trees lining the entrance to my office where I take my daily walk. I just wanted a fresh looking delicate blossom I could keep year round. (HR can't stop you from crafting during lunch!) Here's how I made a tissue paper cherry blossom using office supplies.

Step 1: Trace Your Petals

Find tissue paper at your office. Think outside the box! I promise you, there's tissue paper at your office. Perhaps you are super lucky and someone just had a birthday so there's tissue paper gift wrapping laying around. Find that girl who always orders shoes online and gets them sent to the office, she's got tissue paper. If you aren't that lucky but you still feel the irresistible urge to do this craft immediately, like me, go grab a tissue paper toilet seat protector. Hey! It's just paper! Do you want to craft or don't you? Sometimes I doubt your dedication to making cherry blossoms during your lunch hour.

Unscrew a pen and use the top to trace semi circles onto tissue paper. You only need 5 petals but make a few extra, trust me, just do it.
<p>That's really pretty :) I love cherry blossom season!</p>
<p>Thanks! Yes, this is my favorite part of the year. </p>
<p>soo sweet love them!</p>
Thanks! Glad you love them. :)

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