Hello, I just wanted to share my works with you. This is my first instructable and I really hope you like it, and maybe you can vote for me on Amigurumi Challange... :D Thank you.
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Step 1:

I don't use patterns and I make different models every time. I think is better to improvize and go with the flow when you try to make a muffin or a cupcake because they are don't have perfect shapes in real life and they are more beautiful and more realistic if you make them less perfect when using amigurumi tehnique. I uploaded some step by step pictures and I hope you understand what I mean.

Step 2:

 You can make a little purse or wallet out of your cupcakes. You can also use polymeric clay on your stuffed cupcakes. Make sure you use light colors. I hope you like my instructable and maybe you can vote for me on Amigurumi Challange. Thank you
These are so adorable and functional too!
mygibzone3 years ago
My favorites are the purses. I'm all about things being cute & functional! Well done!