Delicious BBQ: Fall Off the Bone Beef Ribs

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Hello and Welcome
Thank you for taking the time to read my Instructable.

I will finally reveal my secret to my Fall Off the Bone Ribs.

It is a long process time wise but they are so good. I am originally from Missouri which is famous for BBQ, I have adapted my original style of Missouri style BBQ and modified it to how I came to my cook ribs since I have lived in Phoenix. Don't be mistaken this isn't a Phoenix version. It is just my version.

If your ribs come out chewy and don't have very much flavor you may want to try this technique because ribs should not be chewy and should be full of flavor.

If you are cooking them straight on grill you might not be getting the best experience you can get.


Step 1: Safety

Picture of Safety
First step is to realize the hazards involving BBQ'n anything.

Hand washing: After speaking with some culinary teachers I recently had a class with they recommended using soap and warm water (duhh), but the went on to recommend to wash you hands and sing happy Birthday to yourself. The reason behind this idea is because the time it takes to sing the song is about how long you should be cleaning your hands (30 seconds).

Next safety item

Meat cooties (much worse than girl cooties). After touching raw meat make sure you wash your hands. If you have never had salmonella or any other food born illness let me tell you from first hand knowledge you don't want one. So wash your hands with soap, your work area with bleach water, as well as your tools; knives, forks, plates etc that come in contact to your raw meat.

Sharp tools: If you cut yourself I will laugh at you, be careful of what you do with knives and such.

Hot stuff:
1. This would be the flaming fuel that you use to cook your chicken, also be careful of hot surfaces.
2. Boiling water or hot liquids will burn you so be careful with it.

Other stuff people often forget:
Don't have your grill to close to the house, you may burn the house down. I have seen this done.
Keep hydrated.
Is your work area cluttered? keep it clean.
Keep the kids away, they sometimes want to cook their hands and then cry about it.
Use protection, and I mean oven mitts not the other protection.
Finally let your grill cook all of the old crusty stuff you left on there from you last grilling session. Use a scraper and wire brush to remove the carbon leftovers.
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GailH75 days ago

LOVE THESE!!!! I use Sweet Baby Ray's....my husband LOVES this recipe!!

GailH75 days ago

Have made these ribs serveral times like this in my slow cooker. I use beef broth instead of water (it's a habit of mine), with some onion and garlic. This is the only way my husband likes ribs. He LOVES these...I serve with grilled corn-on-the-cob and either mashed potatoes or baked potatoe...ono delicious!!

schiessco.10 days ago

My mom used to boil beef ribs in beer and they were horrible so I was somewhat skeptical, but man, these turned out great. For the liquid I used a mixture of coffee and beef broth.

gabsalot2 months ago
rlocke43 months ago
boiling meat?
RosemaryG17 months ago

really loved this recipe worked so well and I loved your safety instructions

claude-sac7 years ago
What's with the "Sharp tools: If you cut yourself I will laugh at you" in step one?
I have worked with sharp tools, and yes I mean REALLY sharp tools, for over twenty years, and I have cut myself sometimes, yes ... it would be very stupid to stand near to me when laughing at me while I cut myself. Talk about safety...

For the rest: excellent recipe, really, much like my own Haggies infamous Spare-Ribs (sorry, Dutch only) they fall off the bone, but mine only with a mere 1 hour cooking. Must try the beef some time too. And the five hour cooking. Very interesting instructable, but please, NEVER laugh at people when accidently cutting themselves again.

Thanks for your recipe again!

(And yes, that would be pronounced klood-zak in Dutch:-)
StanlyH claude-sac10 months ago

Claude...when you cut yourself did you amputate your funny bone? Seriously...you are a seriously serious guy.

Challenge somebody to a rib cook-off. Do this. Do your touchdown dance.

AngelS31 year ago

You da' the Man!!! :)

So kind of you to share- My Uncle use to do ribs like this....

Yummy for my Tummy!...Thank You :)

jdbkaf1 year ago

they were absolutely delicious!! Melted in your mouth. We even had the same luck with the boneless beef ribs. My husband is not usually a fan of beef but he LOVED these. Thanks for sharing! JS

Nanci10202 years ago
Made these and they were delicious! Then I took the left over "beef water" from the slow cooking in the oven and used it as a base for beef barley soup, along with the left over meat from the ribs.
mferris3 years ago

I've not even gotten them to the grill yet, and the meat is just falling away from the bone. I couldn't help myself. I had to eat one... and then another. They're SO GOOD! You're my hero. These are amazing. Thank you.

Plus, your safety instructions are hilarious and to the point. I wish all instructions were so straight forward. <3

Mr. Rig It (author)  mferris3 years ago
I'm flattered, Thank you!
MaxWho4 years ago
Just found your web site and will try this tomorrow. Are you still looking for votes? I hope that they are as easy as you say as I'm kitchen challenged. (-;
blacjack14 years ago
How do i rate this from an iPhone browser? I wanna give it a 10
blacjack14 years ago
Making these now and they smell and look absolutely amazing I'm also applying these to chicken wings and I'll post back what these recipes turned out like this instructable is absolutely awesomesauce
origamiguy5 years ago
I tried it that way once, too much time involved, went back to my old way of cooking in the pressure cooker, removing to the grill, covering with sauce on both sides, grilling for 5 min each side and all done from start to finishing in under an hour and honestly, I cannot tell the difference in taste between the long way and my shorter way! I would give up all my kitchen appliances except never, ever my pressure cooker! Ribs Rule!
Zargon6 years ago
Yo! Claude.... Get a life dude! I'm sure he was just making a joke. Life is much too precious to take so seriously. Besides he WAS writing Not talking - I'm sure that's why you missed the innuendo and inflection in what would have been obvious if he was talking aloud. next time count to 100 and try and see some humor in your seriously dull existence before you bring out the battle-axe to beat those who surely don't deserve it. Now about those RIBS...!!! Sounds GREAT! My wife is a die-hard beef rib eater and eschews pork passionately. and not just because we are Jewish. I often make seriously delicious Beef Ribs on our little Green Egg. When I can keep the temp down sufficiently they almost fall off the bone... but surely not as tender as those that are roasted in a water bath first. She seems to like the "Rare" portions near the bone and I must say... so do I. But having said that I do think I will try your method anyway just to compare. Perhaps both versions on the same day. If it pans out and I have some pertinent comments I'll try my hand at an Instructable. :-)
Devil_Dog6 years ago
GR8 I-ble....Wal-Mart had these @ $1/lb. a few weeks ago and I ruined a big ole rack. BEEF RIBS MUST BE BRAISED and grilled lightly....or you'll have spicy beef jerky on a bone. I'll be using your method this weekend. I did eat the ribs I goofed-up.....and my colon fought back with a few IEDs the next day! Semper Fidelis
inkblott6 years ago
oh man those look great
playinem1216 years ago
Thanks you made it simple and thats says a lot cuz I am a misfit in the kitchen. I did babybacks but followed everything else like you said except no onion cuz I'm allergic. They were slamming! Thanks Again.
barb_s137 years ago
Girl cooties???? Honestly, now...boy cooties are MUCH more deadly! I've always wanted to know how to make ribs that not only fall off the bone, but are tasty too. Thanks!!
Mr. Rig It (author)  barb_s137 years ago
Yeah boy cooties are pretty yuck and you are welcome. O
danielcox7 years ago
Before this, I always parboiled my ribs, with disappointing results. Your 'slow' cook method is superb. I've gone from people enjoying my ribs to people falling over themselves to get to my BBQ ribs. Thanks for an excellent and repeatable method for delicious ribs. Happy BBQ'n! Regards, Daniel
Mr. Rig It (author)  danielcox7 years ago
Wow thank you! I don't think I have ever had such a complement. FYI you can do this meathod with pork or beef ribs. I am glad you enjoyed the ible and it worked out for you. Thank you again, oh please vote for me in the book contest if it is not too late.
technick297 years ago
These look delicious! The title reminds me of ribs I had down south this summer, so I'll definitely have to try them. +Vote dude.
Mr. Rig It (author)  technick297 years ago
SEAtiger7 years ago
WOW...when did boiled ribs reach bbq status? there is not a rib master alive that would endorse boiled meat as bbq...maybe you should just find a good wet/dry marinate and cook the meat slow and low on a grill until the meat pulls from the bone and then...u would have real bbq instead of this make believe kind....from MEMPHIS(home of true bbq)
Mr. Rig It (author)  SEAtiger7 years ago
Dream on! The only thing Memphis is home to is inbreeding:-P Memphis BBQ is greasy kids stuff. Besides see step 3 "slow cook it in a marinade for a few hours", the sauce I used has everything in it, spices, cider etc and if you read I also put garlic powder all over it.
Mr Rig It, I'm backing you up 100%.. been making Ribs on the BBQ for years and the ONLY way for them to come out perfect is to boil them first! All BBQ lovers that actually "know" how to make ribs on the BBQ boil them first... Whether you add the marinade to the boil mix and boil for 5 hours, or boil for 1 hour and then marinade for 5 hours, either way you have to boil! Great Instructable!
Mr. Rig It (author)  micahdear7 years ago
Mr. Rig It (author)  micahdear7 years ago
Thank you, we all like our ribs our own way and this is how I like mine and I agree with everything you said. Thanks again.
I do my pork ribs much the same way, but rather than using just water in the slow-cooker, I prefer to use apple juice, or with beef ribs, I would use some beef broth so as to not lose any flavor in the process. Keep using the BBQ sauce as instructed, just don't dilute it with water. My wife won't have ribs from restaurants anymore, because none of them around here come anywhere near this good.
Mr. Rig It (author)  Sullen707 years ago
Thank you, I will try your apple juice idea I have a couple racks of pork ribs in the freezer. I will give it a shot. Thanks again.
Mr. Rig It (author)  SEAtiger7 years ago
I was just kidding about the inbreeding.
wingman3587 years ago
My dad used to put the ribs in the oven for a few hours before girlling, but they never reached the coveted fall-off-the-bone tenderrness. I'll have to try this sometime soon! Thanks for the comprehensive and insightful instructible :]
Mr. Rig It (author)  wingman3587 years ago
Mr. Rig It (author)  wingman3587 years ago
Thank you for your positive comments, make an instructable of it and let us know how it turns out.
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