Step 2: Make the Choclate Cake

Follow the directions on the box.
oooooh gooey! and it looks very nice! 5/5 STARS
hello...i liked this cake its nice but can u temme one thing which i can never get thru is the damn cake i always get the betty crocker mixture and it gets all messed up and i have to thro it in the bin even though i follow the instructions carefully can u help plz!
That looks REALLY nice! But why did you buy ready whipped cream when you have a kitchen aid (Dies and then dreams about kitchen aid mixers), I don't think you can even buy ready whipped cream over here (Uk) unless its from a can. (Blegh!) Joe
i made it for a school project and needed to put the whipped cream on the morning off. i didn't have time to make the whipped cream in the morning. otherwise i would have made it with "real" whipped cream.
YAY PUBLIX!!! from down south..FL maybe
lol no. its northern Florida. Gainesville to be exact. publixs have spread a ton.
yeah they are all over<sub>, they even are opening one in Jamaica </sub><br/>
that is insane.
Looks sooo good but must be a calorie bomb.
My mom and whole family make this for all of the big events. Try, instead of the whip cream use melted ice cream much, much better. yummy.
that is a great idea I will have to try it sometime
omg..... *drool*
That looks <em>so</em> good.<br/>+1 vote.<br/>

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