Delicious California Burrito and Spanish Lesson ;-)





Introduction: Delicious California Burrito and Spanish Lesson ;-)

Being originally from the West coast and now living in the East coast, I sure do miss the hole-in-the-wall Mexican fast food restaurants. I was really craving a California Burrito, but the only way I was going to be able to enjoy one over here was by making one myself...from scratch!

If you're not from an area that makes these burritos, I hope that with this recipe you learn to make your own and try a delicious new food, and at the same time learn a little Spanish/Español.

Step 1: Ingredients

Here are the basic ingredients you'll need to make your delicious California Burrito:

  • Potatoes/Papas
  • Cheese/Queso (chedda' is betta'...see what I did there. ;-))
  • Steak/Carne-ideally skirt or flank (back home I would buy Ranchera from the Carniceria=Meat Market)
  • Flour Tortilla/Tortilla de Harina
  • Sour Cream/Crema
  • Oil/Aceite
  • Salt/Sal

Step 2: Preparation

How I get my ingredients ready:

• Potatoes

• Wash them under the tap
• No need to peel them, just cut into fries shape

• Cheese

• Cut a small block and shred it using a grater or cut real thin slices with a knife/cuchillo

• Oil

• Heat the oil in medium-high heat for a few minutes before adding the fries

• Steak

• Cut the steak into small bite-size pieces

Step 3: Cooking Steak and Fries

Grill the steak for a few minutes to your liking and add salt or seasoning/sasonador to taste.

Cook the french fries/papas fritas until they're thoroughly cooked and golden colored.

Step 4: Heating the Tortilla

I used a comal that I brought back from California a few months ago.

If you don't have one, you can use a skillet or a shallow, thin pan.

The idea is to heat/calentar the flour tortilla so it's still pliable, but not too much otherwise it will get too crispy and will be difficult to roll your burrito.

Step 5: Assembling the Burrito!!! Mmm. Que Delicioso!

Assemble your California Burrito by adding the steak, french fries, cheese, and sour cream.

When you have all your ingredients/ingredientes on your tortilla, roll it into a burrito. Check out the video to see how I roll my burrito.




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    Just don't serve it with a side of water.

    In other states "California (insert whatever food)" just adds avocado.

    I never heard of fries in a burrito. Being a native of L.A. I would think that if this were really awesome then it would be more common. Just sayin'

    Hey Spad,

    Thanks for commenting. I'm am too from the LA area and have heard of these burritos. I worked for a summer at one of those ubiquitous Albertos, Robertos, etc. fast food joints in SoCal and we sold them there. I read somewhere that the California Burrito originated near San Diego, so maybe it's migration over to LA is pretty slow.

    Nevertheless, this is a really yummy burrito. Enjoy! :-)