Introduction: Delicious Chocolate Cake

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Make an easy chocolates cake

Step 1: Ingredients

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All you need is
1 cup flour
1 cup suger
2 chicken eggs
cocoa powder 1 spoon
drinking chocolate(optional)1 spoon
baking powder 1 and half spoon
1 cup milk
half cup oil

Step 2: Mixing Ingredients

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put the milk,eggs,suger, baking powder, drinking chocolate, cocoa powder and mix them

Start beating them

Step 3: Preparing Bowl

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Take a oven proved bowl and put some oil on it and spread the oil all over the bowl

Step 4: Baking

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Put the mixture into the oven proved bowl and put this in oven.

Bake it for 5 minutes

Step 5: Last Step

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After 5 minutes take it off from oven and put this on a another plate


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