Introduction: Delicious Food Hacks

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This will give you some delicious and easy things to make at home :)
Hope you enjoy

Step 1: Awesome Drinks

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-Double chocolate chip frappe
-Oreo Shake
-vanilla bean frappe
-cake batter frappe

Step 2: Cake Balls

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Yum these look amazing

Step 3: Orange Peel Jellies

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Pour jelly into the peel of an orange and put it in the fridge. The result will be a tasty, refreshing snack!

Step 4: Oreo Ice Cubes

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Pour milk and crushed Oreos into an ice cube tray and freeze them and then you can put them in your coffee!

Step 5: Choc Vanilla Swirl Cake

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Prepare 2 different cake mixes- chocolate and vanilla. Layer them on top of one another in a baking dish. Put it in the oven, ice it and then you have an extraordinary cake!!

Step 6: Gummy Bear Popsicles

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Pour sprite into a cup and add gummy bears. Put a Popsicle stick in it and let it freeze in a freezer.


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