Introduction: Delicious Halloween Gelatin Dessert

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Easy and delicious Dessert

Step 1: Ingredients:

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3 oz. of

Crushed Cookies

¼ stick of butter

1 Flan Mix 1.41 oz

2 cups of milk

1 orange gelatin 1.41 oz.

1 cup water

7.05 oz. Sweetened Condensed milk

1.76 oz. White Chocolate

0.7 oz. Black Chocolate

Food Coloring or Orange Flavoring

Step 2:

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Combine the Crushed Cookies with Melted Butter (in the micro) and put this mixture on the bottom of one or more containers, pressing very well and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Step 3:

Prepare Flan with milk as directed on the container. Pour Flan halfway into containers and refrigerate until set.

Step 4:

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Prepare Orange Gelatin, use only a cup of water, add gradually the Sweetened Condensed Milk until blended well (must be careful to avoid cutting milk). Pour Gelatin over the Flan leaving a small space before reaching the edge and refrigerate until set.

Step 5:

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While curdles Gelatin, melt a little the White Chocolate in the micro (10 in 10 seconds), mix with the Food Coloring or Orange Flavoring and form a paste, put it in a bag and flatten with a rolling pin, with a clean cover or mold cut circles, these are our Pumpkins.

Step 6:

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Melt the Black Chocolate in the micro (to 10 in 10 seconds) and place it in a pastry bag or in a plastic bag, cut the tip and decorate Pumpkins making your eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 7:

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Use Whipped Cream and the Pumpkin to decorating, and voilà!, It serve well chilled and Happy Halloween!!!.

Step 8: For More Information Check the Video


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