Delicious Hot Dog Burgers





Introduction: Delicious Hot Dog Burgers

They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong. They said it shouldn't be done. Perhaps they were right, but that's never stopped me before. I present to you - the good people of the world online -- hot dog burgers.

These aren't simply burgers with hot dogs shoved in them. No. These are 100% original creations, with hot dog meat as the base. You're not dumb people. You're obviously curious and intelligent people, with a good eye for brilliant, world-changing ideas. So how did this idea come about? Good question. It came to me in a dream. I was awakened with the entire process flashing through my groggy un-caffeinated brain. I had to try it.

The results? Delicious!

Step 1: Ingredients

1 package of delicious hot dogs. - I'm from Brooklyn, I chose Nathan's.

Some bread crumbs. - unseasoned, hot dogs have plenty of flavor.


Blender, food processor, or grinder type thing.

Frying pan

Cooking spray (oil, butter, etc)

Step 2: Preparation

Cut the hot dogs into inch long chunks and put them into your blender type thingie. I suppose you don't really have to cut them up first, but consider it therapy.

Blend the dogs into a chop meat like consistency. I left some bigger nuggets of hot dog, to really deliver the hot dog meat effect, 2 - 3 seconds, and a few zings for good measure.

You may want to make it a little smoother for a neater consistency, depending on how you like your dog burger.

You might also want to add some onions, or garlic, or other meat and blend it with the meat. I haven't tried that yet.

Step 3: Make Those Dog Burgers!

Put the meat, bread crumbs, and egg into a mixing bowl. The exact proportions is up to you, depending on how you like it. I used four hot dogs, about 1/2 cup of bread crumbs, and one egg. In retrospect, I would have used less bread crumbs, or maybe another egg. Hey, I'm an artist, not a chef. You get the idea.

Mix it together, and then shape into patties.

Step 4: Fry Up Them Burgers!

Place your pan over medium heat. Add lubricant of choice.

With the pan hot, lay those puppies down. Let em sizzle there for around five minutes, more or less. Flip them over. They'll be looser than hamburgers, so be gentle when you flip them. Let them sit for five minutes more.

Your domicile should now be filled with the delicious and meaty smell of fine grilled hot dog.

Step 5: Eat Those Dog Burgers!

Take them off when they're golden brown outside, and nice and hot inside. Serve them up with or without a bun, with some sauteed onions, sour kraut, nice mustard, or if you prefer, ketchup.

[ insert dog howling sound effect here ]

Have fun, and



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    Here's my version :)

    I used chicken hotdog and some sliced bread slightly toasted and blended for breadcrumbs :D

    thanks for this wonderful Idea :)

    IMG_1149 (800x600).jpg

    my 1st thought was "huh?" then "whoaaaa" and then "hmmmm" as crazy as this sounds at first you eventually realize its INSPIRED ! A little less breadcrumbs or use crushed potatochips, more egg maybe add in the already cooked onions to the patty.. yes INSPIRED and inspiring ! potato roll with saurkraut and pickle... I need to post this before I write a cookbook... THANK YOU for sharing

    No problem. I just made them again with onions inside. Very tasty! Please post your results. I gotta try that potato chip idea.

    This looks like it would be yummy food to eat. Certainly, will be putting the ingredients in my shopping list. Looking forward to giving it a go.

    You, sir, are sick.
    I am intrigued, and hungry, and will be making these as soon as I can.
    What kind of bun would really be appropriate, though?

    In my mind, these are really just hot dogs in a hamburger shape. So get what you would use for your favorite hot dogs. l8nite's potato roll suggestion sounds good, but I just used what I had on hand, mini pitas. Worked out well.

    But that begs the question, what if you reformed your hot dogs back into one giant "hot dog". It's a hot dog but not really a hot dog. I do prefer the bigger "Polish" or "sausages" rather than the usual dirty water dog. Roll it in bacon and you would be a hero to many.

    It is a valid question. Keep in mind that hot dogs are merely the immature variety of the common house bologna (Stylommatophora Bolognae), it'd be like trying to make a steak out of ground up veal. Being men of science, it is our civic duty to test all postulations, especially those involving bacon.

    At first I thought you said "Its our civic duty to test all prostitutes"....LOL