Picture of Delicious Hot Dog Burgers
They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong. They said it shouldn't be done. Perhaps they were right, but that's never stopped me before. I present to you - the good people of the world online -- hot dog burgers.

These aren't simply burgers with hot dogs shoved in them. No. These are 100% original creations, with hot dog meat as the base. You're not dumb people. You're obviously curious and intelligent people, with a good eye for brilliant, world-changing ideas. So how did this idea come about? Good question. It came to me in a dream. I was awakened with the entire process flashing through my groggy un-caffeinated brain. I had to try it.

The results? Delicious!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

1 package of delicious hot dogs. - I'm from Brooklyn, I chose Nathan's.

Some bread crumbs. - unseasoned, hot dogs have plenty of flavor.


Blender, food processor, or grinder type thing.

Frying pan

Cooking spray (oil, butter, etc)

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johnlloy4 years ago
Here's my version :)

I used chicken hotdog and some sliced bread slightly toasted and blended for breadcrumbs :D

thanks for this wonderful Idea :)
IMG_1149 (800x600).jpg
l8nite4 years ago
my 1st thought was "huh?" then "whoaaaa" and then "hmmmm" as crazy as this sounds at first you eventually realize its INSPIRED ! A little less breadcrumbs or use crushed potatochips, more egg maybe add in the already cooked onions to the patty.. yes INSPIRED and inspiring ! potato roll with saurkraut and pickle... I need to post this before I write a cookbook... THANK YOU for sharing
kingotho (author)  l8nite4 years ago
No problem. I just made them again with onions inside. Very tasty! Please post your results. I gotta try that potato chip idea.
Computothought11 months ago

I like to make them in meatloaf and meatballs



aeray4 years ago
You, sir, are sick.
I am intrigued, and hungry, and will be making these as soon as I can.
What kind of bun would really be appropriate, though?
kingotho (author)  aeray4 years ago
In my mind, these are really just hot dogs in a hamburger shape. So get what you would use for your favorite hot dogs. l8nite's potato roll suggestion sounds good, but I just used what I had on hand, mini pitas. Worked out well.
But that begs the question, what if you reformed your hot dogs back into one giant "hot dog". It's a hot dog but not really a hot dog. I do prefer the bigger "Polish" or "sausages" rather than the usual dirty water dog. Roll it in bacon and you would be a hero to many.
kingotho (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
It is a valid question. Keep in mind that hot dogs are merely the immature variety of the common house bologna (Stylommatophora Bolognae), it'd be like trying to make a steak out of ground up veal. Being men of science, it is our civic duty to test all postulations, especially those involving bacon.
At first I thought you said "Its our civic duty to test all prostitutes"....LOL
aeray kingotho4 years ago
I just snorted beer out my nose!
kingotho (author)  aeray4 years ago
That is not delicious.
aeray kingotho4 years ago
No, but it tingles.
they have the hamburger meat hotdogs at QiukTrip (a local chain to KCMO, better than 7/11 by far) they are tasty! I put the nacho cheese all over them, nom nom!
i would have to agree with you on the Broiling them. i would also add bacon. Everything is better with bacon.
I am allergic to Pork, I used Beef Dogs and Chicken Dogs, Beef came out better, and where GREAT with mustard and Horseraddish sauce!
hfxy20104 years ago
hfxy20104 years ago

maybe broiled on the bottom rack or grilled on either an outdoor or indoor grill would be better than pan fried. LOVING this so far though!
The bread crumbs could be made from toasted hot dog buns... since you are on the theme...
rbarron4 years ago
Don't know if it's been said or not, but McDonald's test marketed the McDog (a hotdog on a hamburger bun, basically) in the '80s... if you must ask how it turned out, ask yourself this - have you ever heard of the McDog?
kingotho (author)  rbarron4 years ago
Really? That's crazy. I've never heard of that. Though I did hear that in Canada, McDonald's did a trial with McPizza.
and man was that pizza good! You had to wait a few minutes (about 5) but the crispiness/cheezy goodness was worth it.

*shrug* This instructable sounds good, I will have to live vicariously through others as the sodium content in this sounds astronomical!
rosewood5134 years ago
Being from Brooklyn I agree Nathan's are the only ones to buy, this is one crazy idea, but i bet it works great, I will try it someday, I don't eat much meat though.
hammer98764 years ago
Sometimes you just have to ignore all the warnings of the people who tell you the sky is falling. I am going to start rummaging through my refrigerator now. Congrats on being "Featured."
eschneck4 years ago
I'm torn. I don't know if you just took an awesome hot dog and made it worse, or a crappy burger and made it better, but kudos to you for making me amazingly hungry now. I salute you either way! It reminds me of the time I experimented with cooking with Slim Jims. Sure people scoffed, but breakfast (and a ton of other meals) were never the same. Keep up the GREAT work!
sharizma4 years ago
Theses will be my dinner tonight!! Sounds delicious.
kingotho (author)  sharizma4 years ago
How did they turn out?
They seemed a little dry, but the flavor was..........wiener!! I'll probably try it again and add some onions.
reddnekk4 years ago
Only problem with all this is that all manufactured processed meats--and hotdogs in particular--are rich in nitrites and MSG, both of which are now well known to be very unhealthy, and to create health problems as consumed over the years. I finally found a bacon maker (private hog farm) which makes bacon without nitrites. And, altho I did not know it at the time, I raised my five children on nitrite- and MSG-free meats by buying a heifer each year, having it fed to my order, and butchered just for my family. That was in the seventies, and none of my children have any of the problems now being attributed to nitrites and MSG. I do my own hamburger and other ground meats just because the mass-producers add these chemicals to (a) preserve color in meats which may not be sold for two or three months, and (b) to preserve what the consumer is told is "freshness." Still, I love the initiative and inventiveness which went into this idea.
daasch4 years ago
This is AWESOME! Now it has me thinking... What if... How would it be... Could it be done? Hows about making a Hot Dog out of hamburger meat? Would it be any good? I dunno, but it would be the perfect companion to the Dog Burgers. Your guests are sure to be delighted and confused! Well done. Well done indeed!
I used to make hot dog hamburgers, if I only had hamburger meat and hot dog buns. Back in the '70's....
iddqd138 daasch4 years ago
It's been done actually. I've seen it in a few hot dog stands here in Sweden. Never tried it though.

Go for it!
kingotho (author)  iddqd1384 years ago
Now that you mention it, I think I saw something like that in a 7/11 once.
kingotho (author)  daasch4 years ago
That is a good idea. Make both and really freak out your dinner guests. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep that one in mind ;)
corycar4 years ago
YEP - 7-11 stil makes them - I get two, smother them with cheese and gorge. Goes great with a Diet Coke.... ha ha ha.

I just can't remember what they call them.... the website doesnt list them.

Anyway - AWESOME ible... can't wait to make for my kids!!!

Is that the "Big Ugly"?
imboox2 corycar4 years ago
A friend bought a sausage stuffer when he had venison to do. He has experimented making *sausages* made with a lot of things. I suggested something done with ground sirloin, what I buy instead of fatty hamburger. We have done many variations...meatloaf dogs, Italian meatball dogs, Hidden Valley Ranch dogs and on and on. He has a smoker and we have smoked them sometimes, which imparts a flavor so different sometimes that something will taste much different than its unsmoked cooked version.
kingotho (author)  corycar4 years ago
Yeah, I remember now, I had one once in Manhattan. It wasn't very good. Could just be the store I went to. Though I didn't try it with cheese.

Thanks. I hope they enjoy them.
bustedit4 years ago
does anyone know what Dr Huxtable and son Theo were talking about on The Cosby Show when they spoke of "bacon burger dogs"?
could it have been something akin to this creation??
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