Delicious Scrambled Eggs!!





Introduction: Delicious Scrambled Eggs!!

This Instructable will show you my delicious scrambled eggs recipe. Hope you enjoy

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. You will need :

  • Eggs

- you can use as many eggs as you would like

- 4 is a good amount for 2 people

  • Cheese Slices

- 1 cheese slice per 2 eggs

  • Milk
  • Oregano
  • A spatula
  • A fork
  • A frying pan
  • Cooking Oil
  • A bowl
  • A knife (Optional)
  • A cutting board (Optional)

Step 2: Heat Frying Pan

1. Place frying pan on the burner

2. Turn the burner on

  • Make sure that you turn the right burner on

3. Put a little cooking oil in the pan

  • Move the frying pan around a bit to spread the oil

Step 3: Prepare Eggs

1. Crack eggs and put them in a bowl

  • Add as many eggs as you would like
  • 4 is a good amount for 2 people

2. Whisk eggs

  • You can use a whisk or a fork

3. Add a little milk

4. Whisk eggs until the milk is mixed in

5. Add cheese slices

  • 1 cheese slice per 2 eggs
  • Break the cheese slices into little pieces using your hands or cut them with a knife
  • You can use a cutting board if you would like

6. Add some oregano

  • Add as much oregano as you would like
  • Be careful not to overdue it

7. Whisk eggs until the cheese and oregano are mixed in

Step 4: Cook Eggs

1. Turn down the burner

2. Wait a few minutes

3. Pour egg mixture into the frying pan

  • Using a fork or a spoon scoop any cheese remaining at the bottom of the bowl into the frying pan

4. Break up the eggs using a spatula

5. Wait for them to cook

  • Keep a close eye on the frying pan
  • move the eggs around frequently so they do not burn

6. Turn off the burner

7. Grab a plate

8. Enjoy



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Can verify as yummy. Suggested alterations: shredded cheddar instead of sliced American cheese, and cook in butter instead of oil.

Thanks, I'm not a fan of cheese on eggs myself, well not real cheese anyway, I don't really like the taste combined with eggs, that's why I use cheese slices. Sometimes I do cook with butter instead of oil, I find the butter likes to burn though when using a cast iron frying pan if you heat it up before cooking your food. I always heat up the pan before cooking eggs so using butter tends not to work so well for me, thanks for the ideas though.