Introduction: Delicious Top Hats

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Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

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• Bun Cases
• Smarties
• Chocolate
• Marshmallows
• Bowl
• Microwave
• Dessert spoon
• Teaspoon

Step 2:

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Break the chocolate up and put it in the bowl then put in micro-wave for 30 seconds at a time so it dosent over cook. When melted go to next step

Step 3:

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Put chocolate into cases then put a marshmallow on top of chocolate. When thats done put a bit of chocolate on the top of the marshmallow then a smartie then wait for the chocolate to harden

Step 4: Enjoy!!

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Well there you go you've just made your own top hats!!!


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-01-13

Mmmm...Chocolate and marshmallow :D

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