Introduction: Delicious and Light Orange Chicken

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This is a recipe that I came up with while experimenting with different food. I love orange chicken, but I have a bit of a sensitive stomach and really had no desire to fry it. I decided then that this would be great if I could stew it in a pot. This is a rather simple recipe and scales to make a lot of food, ideal for college students like myself.

Step 1: Ingredients

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I came up with this list of ingredients by looking at other recipes for orange chicken. This gave me an idea for the kinds of flavors I should use.

  • 1 orange (I used Navel and it was excellent)
  • ~1 lb chicken breast (I found that the ratio of 1 orange to 1 lb breast works well, can substitute other protein)
  • Fresh ginger root*
  • Red pepper flakes*
  • Sriracha*
  • Several cloves of garlic* (to taste, I enjoy A LOT of it)
  • Green onion (optional)
  • Salted cashews (optional)
  • Chopped broccoli (optional, or steam and add on the side)

*I like things spicy, but not everyone does. Mix and match these items to your personal tastes. For example, if you are heavy handed with the sriracha which already has garlic and pepper in it, then maybe you should go lighter with the garlic cloves and red pepper flakes.

Useful tools:

  • Decent knife
  • Grater
  • Garlic press
  • Large bowl

Step 2: Prepare

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Begin by grating the orange over a bowl since the peel will add extra flavor to the dish. Now quarter the oranges. Cut away the white husky part; we don't want that in the dish. You can cut the orange slices further but don't worry too much as they will cook down.

Finely chop the garlic and ginger and add to the bowl. Chop the other vegetables while trying to maintain a similar size among them. Mix everything and set aside.

Cut the raw chicken breast up into chunks of equal size to ensure even cooking. Now, put everything into the pot. A deeper pan will ensure that nothing will splatter. Do not drain any excess liquids.

Step 3: Cook

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Initially set the stove to high until the liquids just begin to boil. Then, reduce the heat to medium-low to medium. Cook for about 15-25 minutes stirring occasionally until all of the chicken pieces are cooked through. The longer it is stewed for, the more tender the chicken will be.

Step 4: Serve

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I recommend serving this hot over rice and your favorite vegetables. This dish also chills and reheats very nicely so you can make many servings at one time for later (handy during exam time). This dish is filling, relatively inexpensive, and very healthy as nothing is fried (notice the lack of oil). An alternative approach would be to bake it in the oven. If I try that I'll post the results here. Enjoy!


xxlauraxx (author)2015-05-27

Mm, sounds good! I bet it would be nice if you let the chicken marinate in the orange/ginger/garlic/etc for an hour or two in Step 2.

gamerguy13 (author)xxlauraxx2015-05-27

That would be a great idea. I didn't do that since I am often pressed for time. I bet that would make it amazing!

seamster (author)2015-05-27

This looks pretty tasty! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

gamerguy13 (author)seamster2015-05-27

Thank you!

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