Picture of Deliciously delicious Christmas cookies
I know everyone likes some delicious,  sweet, tasty foods like cake, cookies or cupcakes, that's why I made these Turkish cookies called " un kurabiye" , which means flour cookies, and they turned out REALLY delicious so I came here and shared it with the world, but I will not only teach you how to make Turkish cookies, but also to make a box from scratch, for the people who don't know and decorate it with a teqnuique I learnt when I was in kindergarten. Let's start!

Step 1: Ingredients/ What you'll need

To make our Turkish cookies we'll need the following:

250 grams melted margarine

A small coffee cup of icing sugar

4-5 pieces of, how should I say, crushed gum mastic

As much flour as it can take, but don't make the dough to dry or it will brake to pieces when you use the cookie cutter/s

Cookie cutters (Almost forgot!)

For the icing you'll need the following ingredients:

Some icing sugar (Duh!)

A tiny bit of water

Food coloring


To make and decorate the box you'll need:

A piece of carton

A pencil

A pair of scissors or a knife



Colorful tissue paper

White glue

A brush

A bowl

If you got everything let's move on!
this recipe sounds great! and sounds delicious...
I also like the very clear and well prepared instructions
thank you, mishagirl8.
I will try it soon.
mishagirl8 (author)  tufan_the_diver2 years ago
Thanks! hope you like it!