Step 5: Leaves

You can really use any kind of leaves to add extra color and texture. I was not planning ahead for making this craft so I did not collect leaves when they were out on trees. I ended up getting some at a florist shop. These ones are lemon leaves (Salal Leaves) They smell nice and are a pretty shade of green.

1. How Many? You will need 8 leaves per garland
This is so way cool!!I'm at this time dehydrating my oranges but, having a little problem with apples I not sure if putting buy them in a ziplock bag with the bag close make them wet,brown,and I feel sad about it!! I need to know should I start over?and just to let u-all know I did treat them before I put them on:( This is my first craft and I had plan to give them for x-mas this Sunday!!!HELP LOLOLOLOL
I'm not sure if I understand if they are turning brown before or after you dehydrate them. The only thing I can think of is to make sure you soak them in enough lemon juice before you dehydrate them. I think I used a 50/50 mix of water and lemon juice - and that was fine soaking them for 10 minutes - making sure you get every surface of the apple exposed to the juice (soak after cutting). I think the more lemon juice you use, the better chance you have of them not turning brown. IF the apples are turning brown after dehydrating, again, it probably means you didn't soak them long enough or in enough lemon juice. I'm sorry to say it, but once they are brown, I don't think there is any way to get them white again. Good luck!!
These look like such fun to make! Your directions and pictures make it look easy and not too time-consuming! Looking forward to making some soon!
That is so cool! You have such a talent! Great gift idea.
YOu have a nack of giving great directions! I printed all steps and I look forward to trying them myself! I agree that the photography is extremely helpful! Thanks!
Cool craft and beautifully taken pictures. Bravo.
Pretty cool craft...great pictures & easy to follow instructions.
I have been looking for a home made gift that can be given and last year round and I have now found it. At least, you have made it appear that I can easily do it. I think that it would add a beautiful fragrance to my home as guests arrive. If you have made 20 recently, I think I would like to come to your home!
What a great craft - and the instructions are very clear, with super pictures - I am a visual learner and the photos really added to my understanding of how I might go about making some of these myself. <strong>Great job!</strong><br/>
Awesome. Looks like it would smell good, but I'm not really into those things.
wow... this taught me what garland was... i think im gonna make some garland some time soon
Amazingly done Instructable. Great pictures, steps are easy to follow, they look good enough to eat!

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