Step 3: Birthing the kitten

Reyka had her first kitten at 11:30 am on a Saturday. I had just gotten out of bed and saw her in the bathroom with what looked like a black water balloon coming out of her.

Kittens are born in a sac that looks just like a water balloon (only with fluid and a kitten inside). Since the smaller the object, the easier it is to push out a small hole, it is nice to the mom cat if you gently pop the sac. I carefully pinched each with my thumb and pointer finger, being careful not to pinch the kitten.

Kittens can be born either head or rear feet first so don't worry if the kitten's legs are the first part out. The mom cat will have about 4-6 contractions about 10 minutes apart as she is birthing the kittens. I am not sure if cats have contractions much before giving birth because I was asleep all Saturday morning.

To help birth the kitten, gently ease it out of the mom cat as she is contracting. It also helps to stroke downward on her belly to encourage her to push the kitten out. The kitten should be fully out of her mom within about 15 minutes (about 2-6 sets of contractions). If it seems to be taking longer, contact a vet.

New mom cats can get very frightened by having kittens and enjoy being petted and comforted during delivery. Reyka purred while delivering her kittens, which seemed a bit odd.

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