Dell Laptop WI-FI High Gain Antenna Mod, Increase Internal Network Cards Range and Signal !!!

Step 5: Bouns to be continued........

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Here is a little tase of how far you can go with this. This is a pic of my dell with the antenna mod and a 1watt 2.4ghz wifi amplifier @30db gain, moded to run off usb power with a 15db anntena !!!

Take a look at the signal after this they were off the screen !!! I was in my car in the middle of a townhouse parking lot.

If there is any interest I will do an instructable on how to mod the amp to work from usb power :)

Well if you liked my Instructable show some love and comment :P
rmonge5 years ago
How do you supply energy to the amplifier through USB cable?
cj0821085 years ago
PLZ DO AN INSTRUCTABLE FOR THIS TOO! UR FIRST ONE WAS GREAT! THANK YOU! I would totally appreciate it if you could email me cj082108@live.com when you have an instructable with a link to the page. thanks
p0g0685 years ago
dude yus a bad a. ss thank you for the Instructable ( got me some tools and a antenna)
Tobiastdog6 years ago
who makes the amp and about how much should I expect to pay?
jeuno6 years ago
Who is the manufacturer of your amplifier?
nevarDeath6 years ago
This is wonderful! I'm putting this dell 1390 card in my Acer Aspire One and wasn't sure what connectors and stuff I needed for the external antenna. Thank you so much!
edwardbuck6 years ago
Hello, I read this several months ago, but I have never been able to get this mod to work. I thought maybe I had a bad antenna or cable, so I purchased another of each, but still no luck. I have tried two different high gain antennas and two different U.FL to RP-SMA cables, but I don't get any better signal than with my builtin antenna. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I have a Dell Vostro 1700 with Dell 1390 WLAN card. If I disconnect the high-gain antenna from the pigtail, I get no signal, so it appears that it is making connection, but if I get one bar with my internal antenna, I still only get one bar with the high-gain antenna. Thanks.
Kikurimu6 years ago
Thanks a lot for this instructable, I have and Inspiron 1420 and had to modify your instructions a little to get the connectors in a good spot (also took a bit more force since I had to drill through metal). But it was still a great guide. Thank you.
Very neat how do those USB antenna's work? i understand there's power but how does it draw in signal? through the data side of the usb?
smarzig7 years ago
wow very nice! i wonder is it just about the same as the Wave Magnum. Goodness it look exacly the same lol (the power upgrade one that is) smarzig @ a o l. com
D33ZZ7 years ago
HI interested indeed of your usb wifi amp so it doesnt come already usb? but yes instructions would be great.
xxgemini (author)  D33ZZ7 years ago
Hey guys... Well I havent got around to do usb amp isble. So I just tell ya how in words. Its realy simple. The amp came with a wall wart power adaptor, but thats not to travel friendly. Usb plugs have @ 5.0v available to power things. You can pick up an amp from Ebay for @ $60.00. I used a 1watt amp. Then you need a usb plug, I just choped 12" off an old usb mouse. So in the usb plug red is positive and black is obviously negative. They are the 2 outer most pins. The 2 inner data ones we wont be using. Now open up the amp with the 2 screws, and very carefully remove the power plug jack. I used a dremel. there will be 3 solder points under the jack. If I remember correctly the far left is positive and the middle is negative. I just touched the wires to it for a second till the amp light came on to find the right pin. Now feed the usb cable through the hole where the power jack used to be and tie a knot so it wont get pulled out. Now solder the Red and Black Usb wires to the solder pads on the amp. Close her back up and shes ready to go :) I used it at BWI airport the other day and picked up like four pages of routers....lol