Step 6: Conclusion

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Now install the board back onto the TV, and connect only the smaller connectors to test the board. Plug in the power to the TV and turn it on with the remote. Probe the Va testpoint with a multimeter to see if it is between 55 and 75 volts. If so, the repair worked! Turn off the TV, unplug it, and install the other connectors to the power supply board. Install the backing onto the TV and you're done. Congratulations! Your roommates now think you're a genius.
Beadboy4444 years ago
I have a w5001c that stopped working. I found a California company that repaires power supply boards. I was able to remove it, but they also want the YSUS board and the buffers. They stated it was the board to the left, so I was able to remove the lower panel to get at the screws but it it attached by a white microfilm(lack of a better word). Can I just pull that out and were are the buffers?
pantalone5 years ago
Nice instructable. Your pictures are great (lighting and focus).
sheya6 years ago
mr12volt, Thank you so much for the time you spent putting this instructable together. Yesterday I found a Dell W5001C curbed for the trash. I got it home in one piece (not so easy). The LED lights, and the TV clicks when it is turned on, but the screen doesn't come on. I measured the power supply, and VSC and VSET are measuring in the millivolts. Va is 60.57, Vs is 8.5 volts, the 12 volt supply is fine, and the 5volt supply is 3 volts. I don't have a hot air gun or isolation transformer to test the circuit as you did, so I am wondering if you happen to have discovered which parts I could replace in the VSC/VSET circuit in the hopes of replacing the defective parts. I have checked the fuses, and they are all good, but beyond that, I am not sure that I have the equipment to test the board. I realize that I could be hunting in vain, replacing parts in the hopes I find the correct one. My hope is that you have some suggestions as to what I should replace first. Thank you for your time, I appreciate your sharing your experience and knowledge. Aaron.
Lez1pyt6 years ago
How can an ordinary lay person do this or can they do this It seems very difficult