Picture of Dell running Ubuntu 10.04
Here is my Dell Latitude D600 running Ubuntu 10.04. Before upgrading from 9.10, I was not able to use the toolbar at the bottom because of how slow the graphic's chip was. It is still really slow. Now I can in Ubuntu 10.04. I am still working on getting a newer laptop and dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu. That will be the day....

sabojeep2 years ago
I'm a little confused. Exactly what part of this post is considered an "Instructable"? It's a laptop running Ubuntu and someone complaining that the laptop is slow.
Not to be mean, but how about you add some content, maybe how to install the OS, practical applications for using it, different versions of Ubuntu and the purpose of each one.
Do a little research before posting, you may learn something and teach others as the same time.
TOCO4 years ago
I wish that instructables was still like that. It was so much easier for your ibles to get noticed. (not that mine are any good) I really only have an account so I can view all steps on one page. It was so much easier to find good ibles on things that I like. They were able to show a ton on each page when you searched. Now you have to scroll down and click next all the time.
mrmath4 years ago
If you computer can't handle Ubuntu, try Xubuntu. It uses a less powerful windows manager to give you better performance on older machines.
your dog (author)  mrmath4 years ago
does it have a lot of the same features (ie google chrome, openoffice) and can i upgrade without changing alot of settings?
mrmath your dog4 years ago
The only real difference is the windows manager. I think it does have everything like chrome and OO.
wirah mrmath4 years ago
Unfortunately, Xubuntu is no longer any more lightweight or faster than Ubuntu. In fact, in recent comparisons, it turns out that Gnome has become so efficient that Ubuntu is actually faster than XUbuntu.

You should follow carboman's advice and try LUbuntu - it is on its way to becoming an 'official' canonical product. I run it on my netbook, and it is unbelievably fast, it also uses up just over 50% of the Memory that Ubuntu Netbook Remix used to.

LUbuntu uses LXDE for a window manager, PCManFM instead of nautilus, and Chromium as its browser by default. It will run all the usual stuff Ubuntu/XUbuntu/Edubuntu/Medibuntu does.

You can grab the distribution here:
your dog (author)  wirah4 years ago
Thanks guys, but I think I will stay loyal to Ubuntu. I do not feel like changing operating systems again. Besides, with the new updates, they have simplified the graphical settings I am able to run it on normal, or even extra! (It has crashed only twice on extra, in the past few months.) However, this computer I believe is around 7 years old *GASP!* and has severed me well.

I also might be getting a different hand-me-down laptop that is much faster, and I am ambitious enough to try a dual boot! I might even be able to play games other than solitaire.
After all, in the first place this was just an experiment I had to try and make a ruined window’s laptop work again. I had absolutely no idea it would be this cool!
Thanks for the suggestions!
ron24704 years ago
may i suggest Linux Mint? It is almost the same as ubuntu but it is faster and is much easier to use
REA4 years ago
 i just upgraded my laptop HDD on my Dell Inspiron 530 tower (the laptop it goes to is broken at the moment).
If you have to use ubuntu, try lbuntu. I prefer debian with icewm, fluxbox or etc on older hardware.