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So , this can also be called an instructable, how to make simple ( and even more complex ) picture viewer with Delphi programming tool ( or with Lazarus, free pascal programming tool ).

To do this it is obvious that one need to have Delphi ( or Lazarus with some differences ) , and some free time.

I consider this kind of work a game :-)

Step 1: Procedure

Since this tutorial is quite simple and with little code, I decided to make video with steps , which I consider is much better for this kind of instructables.

If you are interested in more details feel free to ask.

Also here is the link for exe file example :


Ericskiller (author)2016-04-19

where can I get tge program from

kobyx (author)Ericskiller2016-04-19


here is the link to exe file example:

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