Step 10: Belt drive

Picture of Belt drive
Some M4 threads need to be cut in this step. See pictures as they should be self explanetory. What the pictures do not show is the fitment of some M6 thread inserts and screws in the lower base panel, which can be used for tensioning the belt. When fitting the belt, make sure they are the right lenght to allow for adequate tension. You have to judge this for yourself, just be careful not to overtighten the belts as this would stretch them. Try to 'twang' them like a guitar string and make sure they are all similar in tension by comparing the sound.
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RTegelbeckers (author) 2 months ago

Hi Warren,

I assume you refer to the aluminium tubes on top of the carriage. The tubes are cut from a length of aluminium tube (8mm Outside Diameter x 1mm wall thickness) I obtained from my local DIY shop. I cut them to just over 14mm and file them down afterwards, so they are exactly 14.0mm (check with callipers). Finally, I drill them out to 6 or 6.5mm to fit the carriages. I am not yet selling the plastic bits, but should do so soon.

WarrenB12 months ago

Hello Richard,

I'm trying to put together the bits and pieces to build this printer. I really like the Delta look. I have gotten the same Igus rail and carriage system you used with the exception of the extensions on the carriage in the center photograph. Is that an accessory for the carriage? If so do they have a part number or location I might get them? Also I know you are very busy building for the Kickstarter program (congratulations on that) but I will be in need of the plastic bits - can you give me a price?