Step 10: Fitting the electronics

This is straightforward, just screw everything to the bottom of the base panel! Stick double sided tape to the top of the power supply and tie it down, using angle brackets and tie rips. The tape will stop the unit from moving sideways. Don't forget to fit guards on the fan, as it will be too easy for wires to get trapped otherwise! The power supply does have a built in on/off switch, which saves having to fit an external switch. The RAMPS electronics have been placed with the reset button being accessible from the side of the machine. Access to the USB connector is a bit tricky, just keep a bit of clearance when wiring up in the next step. I only use USB for doing the calibration. At the moment I use a SD memory card for doing actual prints. In the future I want to try and use a Raspberry Pi in order to provide a Wireless connection. I already screwed a Pi to the base of my own Trix, proving there is sufficient room to fit it in.