Deluxe K'nex Pinball Machine





Introduction: Deluxe K'nex Pinball Machine

Community Contest: Toy Rods and Connectors

Second Prize in the
Community Contest: Toy Rods and Connectors

This is a K'nex pinball machine I built. I really hope you like it and vote for it. Also don't hesitate to the build your own and improve it. Please comment as well.

Step 1: Frontal Support

Step 2: End Support and Scoreboard

Step 3: Field Support

Under the playing field is a sort of exoskeleton. It consists of a large platform with railings and supporting ribs running through the middle and sides. Theses are essential to hold the weight of the field.

Step 4: Build Your Field!

This is the part to get creative. You basically build a court out of pieces laid side by side and connected together. And then you put walls and holes where needed to implement your tracks. (See video)

Step 5: Pins and Plunger

Step 6: Tracks

Step 7: Scoring

I score this game by time. I build a timer on to the scoreboard. Every minute = 100 points. For example If you were able to keep the ball alive for 1min. 35sec. you have 135 points. Make records and dominate all others!

Step 8: Track Economics Explained on K'nex Pinball Machine



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    Really cool! I like the return chute underneath.

    You dominate all others when it comes to K'Nex! But then I may be biased since I'm your mom! ;) As far as I'm concerned, you're already a winner! Great work!

    You may want to take a look around the site at other K'nex models before you make that judgement :-)

    Nice job you made it to the finals! ;-)

    This is so cool.....wished I could see it in person. Way to go. Hope you win!

    This is so cool.....wished I could see it in person. Way to go. Hope you win!

    Congratulations on being a finalist!!! :D

    Love ya Man! Good times building this thing!