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Introduction: Deluxe Ski Goggle Case

I made a "Protective Alpine Ski Helmet Bag" and had left over material. So I decided to show you how I made a matching deluxe goggle case.

Step 1: Materials

I was going to use some old clothing until I found some great stuff at Wal-Mart. I found all of my material in the remnants area (Left over pieces) in the craft department. Three types of material were used, Black Fleece, White Nylon, and a Felt-like/nylon backed Orange piece. (OLD SCHOOL TECNICA SKI BOOTS COLORS) I had them cut one yard in each material. I also bought a 2 pack of cord stops (one package), a spool of black thread and some fine cord all for under $10.

This was also for my Protective Alpine Ski Helmet Bag and the material needed for the Goggle Case was just the left over scraps I had. Feel free to see that project also.

Tools Needed:
Sewing Machine
Cord Stops (ONE) From a pack of two Cord stops
Craftsman Tape Measure

Step 2: Measurements and Lay Out

I am a novice at using a sewing machine and I thought this was a fun and easy project!

So let's get started.

Exact measurements with my Craftsman Tape Measure were:
9 in. x 10 in.
I used my Smith Goggle bag as a rough guide ( It is 7 x 10 in.)

I added extra width to accommodate for my seams. The material I used tended to fray a lot and with the added fleece material I was also accommodating for the thickness.

You can measure and make a paper template

larger orange pc.
Smaller White pc. for trim (And to match Helmet Bag)
larger Inside pc. (Black Fleece).

See the photos for the lay-out description...

Step 3: Cord Installation

cord installation

Measure cord:
length of both sides of the bag plus extra for pull and stop clip.

Cut holes through both inside and outside material where needed.

Fold over top seam (leave enough room for cord to pull freeley.)

Turn mat outside-in pin and sew.

Step 4: Add Your Cord Stop and Your Done!

Add the cord stop. (this can be tricky, I tied some thread to the end and then pulled it through)



See you on the slopes!!!



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    No more scratches, NICE!

    Can I place an order for your bags, sweetie!

    I like these bags so much… I’m now making a set. Hey Kevie, do I need to add grommets to the holes for the cord?

    1 reply

    I didn’t use grommets for this project… 1. Weight of the material I used 2. Cost and 3. Size of bags and the items in it. When I make a larger size “Backpack” type bag, I will definitely use heavy duty hardware and metal grommets. Thanks westskier.

    I like looks great and you definitely need a nice bag to keep your goggles from getting scratched.

    I just used the most in expensive durable fabric that I could find and the color was optinal. But I could make you a set in any color you wish… Only for you Markie Mark!

    The bag's look awesome!!

    Looks Great! I hate that those expensive helmets don’t come with a bag… Just add a Tecnica boot bag and you should sell them on my ebay site!