Demi Lovato's Tribal Face Paint




Introduction: Demi Lovato's Tribal Face Paint

I really love doing face painting for birthday parties and special gigs, especially when I paint on my own face for character headshot photography. Here, I am showing a video tutorial about how to do Demi Lovato's tribal face design. The design was Googled online and I thought 'I've got to try that!' You can paint this design on your face whenever you're planning to head to your next outdoor music festival, since those areas are a great way to show off your flashy, face paint-worthy side! Or you can paint this design if you're planning to dress like an Indian for Halloween or for a dance recital!

*You can view the video here or you can go to one of the following links:

On YouTube:

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*By the way, I am better known as duranietheclown on YouTube! Subscribe to my channel if you can!

Step 1: How I Painted the Design- Watch This!

To start off, I used Mehron Paradise Beach Berry for the part with the circle on the forehead connecting to a line going down the nose. Then, using more red, I used for two rectangular shapes on either cheek and the first few dots above the circle on the forehead.

Next, I used Mehron Paradise Lagoon Blue the next two rectangles, this time above the red ones and two more dots above the circle on the forehead.

Then, I grabbed Mehron Paradise White and used it for the circles between the two rectangles on both cheeks and two more dots above the circle on the forehead.

Finally, I used Mehron Paradise Black, for the last dot just on the top of the circle on the forehead and made a few more dots going down the bridge of the nose.

And that's it! This design is great for an outdoor music festival or at any time when you want to go all 60s hippie!



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