Demogorgon From Stranger Things





Introduction: Demogorgon From Stranger Things

This is my Makeup / FX created from scratch for the character of the Demogorgon.

I made this using stuff I had laying around at home and some supplies I collected whilst doing (or trying to do) basic special FX. I used materials such as paper, glue, wire and paint cause I also enjoy doing crafts at home to relax and I thought this would be an easier way to create something without having to invest a ton of money.


-random thick plastic skull mask

- elmers glue and water mix (half and half)

- a drill

- clear acrylic paint

- coloured paint in red, beige and black

- wire

- newspaper

- cold porcelain

- coffee diluted on water

- a mix of flour, latex and red food coloring (paste texture)

- velcro stripes

- liquid latex

Step 1: Measure the Mask to Your Face

Measure the mask to your face and using the same holes you made to attach the "leafs" add velcro stripes on the back of your head so you can wear it comfortably.

For better support I added one on the top part and two on the sides, this will make it more confortable to wear and make all the weight lay on the head instead of the sides.

Step 2: Finish Off My Making the Neck With Latex

Add a light coat of vaseline to your neck and using toilet paper and latex make the neck piece as desired. Once it dries take it off and let it dry completely before painting it over.

I used acrylics for painting the piece and special fx wax to make sure the neck piece would "melt" seamlessly to my own neck. Then used cream makeup to merge the neck piece to the rest of my body carefully watching that the colors and textures I used would match each other.

Step 3: You´ll End Up With Something Like This

This is the end result, just shoot it or wear it and enjoy your demogorgon look!



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    Up until recently this had the full step by step instructions. Now it's down to 3 and it's missing the beginning steps of how to create the leaves/latex/teeth. Is there away to get these back?


    that's amazing! you did a fantastic job!

    wow this is just disgusting in every dimension.

    that was a compliment. but seriously it looks so ugh please stay away from me ?

    thank you! I´m happy you like it!

    This is the sh*t of nightmares... in the best possible ways. Guillermo del Toro needs to hire for practical effects, your 'ibles brings me more joy than Tom Savini's books.

    and this totally my favorite comment have no idea how freaking happy this made me! I adore both Savini and del Toro...thank you from the bottom of my heart! you just made a colombian girl SUPER happy!

    Holy, this is so scary, I love it!