Introduction: Demon Cuffs - Supernatural

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Season 8 Supernatural Demon cuffs.

these cuffs make demons stay put like good puppies! ;)

Step 1: Helpfull Images

Picture of Helpfull Images

some pics and screenshots from scenes of SPN when Crowley is captured with the demon chains

This way I could do some litte sketches helping me figure out the shape, needed pieces and the pattern that are engraved into the choker and handcuffs.

Step 2: Sketching/tecnical Drawings

Picture of Sketching/tecnical Drawings

here are the sketches I made based on the screenshots. I added some meassurements fitting to my neckline and stuff. Also: the pattern.

Step 3: Carvng the Pattern

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I got myself some PVC foam (blue) and used a razorblade to cut out the basic rectangular shape. I then used my printed pattern as a template and carved it into the foam piece.

Step 4: Hinge and Bending

Picture of Hinge and Bending

both pieces of foam needed to come together. So I created a hinge and could happily flap the collar!

Using my heat gun(be careful not to burn yourself or destroy your engravements) to bend the foam. (photo 5)
TIPP: use apot or something round to get a nice shape when bending the foam!

Testrun - photo 6 ;_; graahh!!

Step 5: Painting

Picture of Painting

Spray painted the collor with some dark grey paint. I think I did 2 coats.
Using dark sharpies and really watery black acrylic paint to make the piece look more used

I also added some chains( found at local hardware store) to alter the handcuffs (thes still need the engravments ;__;)

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!

These cuff are a supernatural cosplay prop for my Crowley cosplay. I also will use them on my ask-king crowley cosplay ask blog ;)

Ask King Crowley


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gabgra11 (author)2016-09-11

This is awesome! Nice job! Crowley better watch out

Woohoo! I love Supernatural but I rarely see costumes or cosplay done of the characters!

SPN is awesome!
Here are some examples of my Crowley cosplays

and I got a ask blog on tumblr too

come and say hello^^

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