Demon Machine Gun





Introduction: Demon Machine Gun

The Demon is my full auto, large and in charge gun! Unfortunatly it is known as the Demon because it is cursed. This my third version of this gun and the smallest of any version previously made. It has a range of the 5 feet and is powered by two motors and two rubberbands. This gun is still being perfected so unfortunatly no instructions....yet. I will produce a better and more powerful Demon. Until then enjoy these pictures.



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    Well I'd hate to say this, but I won't be making any instructions for this. I can say I used the mechanism from the rapid ball juggler and that barrel is all for show. Realistically this gun wasn't very good, although I have had the urge to try another one.
    So I'm sorry I can't, I can help you figure out how the mechanism worked if you need that but I can't rebuild it unfortunately.

    actually i just needed help making a full auto mechanism can you help me with that?

    Well, full auto is one of those mechanisms that is still highly conceptual. Trying to balance the range to rate of fire to power source is what makes full auto hard to build.

    I used the mechanism in this ible' modified to work sideways

    However I would try (if you have the pieces) the auto rifle by kinetic or a mechanism similar to KILLERK's Dam just modified to be slower.

    Good Luck!

    Its hard to make a powerful full auto D: It does look pretty evil though :D

    Yeah... Mainly it's called demon machine gun because as the descriptions says it gave me every problem in the world... and then some more!