Step 6: Add Flavor Hops

If you have a hop spider put it in to the pot.  I like using the hop spider because it helps in both the cleanup process and making the beer less cloudy.  If you do not have a hop spider you can add the hops directly into the pot.

Nugget hops are used as the flavor hops in this beer.  The malts and high ABV of this beer will mostly overpower the hops, they will take a back seat to this beer's flavor profile.

Add 1oz of Nugget hops to the spider or directly into the boil and boil for 45 minutes. 
Coffee + Beer ? Sounds like a gift of the gods!
pubcrawlingpb - I am definitely going to try this. Nice post! <br> <br>You mentioned force carb is the only way to carbonate your beer using a kegging system. I regularly carb my 5 gallon keg batches using 1 cup of pure cane sugar and letting it sit in temp controlled conditions of 68-72F. Of course, you still need some CO2 gas to serve the beer. <br> <br>Did the whiskey taste really come through? I like the idea of oak chips with the coffee, but not sure about the whiskey! I'm hoping it wasn't overpowering the beer...
Perhaps &quot;Only&quot; is a little exaggerated. Humans have been making beer for thousands of years without Co2 tanks. Then there is the entire concept of cask ales which are served without Co2 or Priming sugar and at cellar temperature. <br> <br>The additon of whisky does not overpower the beer, it might add a little complexity to the overall taste but really its purpose is to sanatize the oak chips
That caught my attention as well NatureGeek - Coffee &amp; Beer? <br>I do make my own wine, but i've never tried brewing. I might have to check into it after reading this!
This is my signal to start brewing! Now, for some spare time.....
It certainly is a time commitment. With practice a brew day from start to finish takes me roughly 2 hours. All grain brewing can take much longer than that though.<br> <br> It is a very rewarding and fun hobby, especially if you like good craft beer. The ability to open a bottle of great tasting beer or pour straight off from your own taps is a great feeling.
By far the best coffee entry so far. Don't know if I could beat this one. Best part is I can stay up late and get drunk all over again!
And then in the morning you can have a beer with breakfast!
If you were putting this on the Punch in Your Face scale, how does your recipe compare to Young's Double Chocolate Stout?
Young's is a very good stout. This is more along the lines of Sam Adam's Imperial Stout though slightly less ABV than the Sam. Flavor wise it is also much like Stone's Imperial Russian Stout but with more coffee flavors but about the same oak flavor. <br><br>It is one thick, heavy, dark and rich beer for sure!

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