Picture of Demon Sword (Sketch Book X)
In the spirit of Halloween, I made this cool demon-ish sword; heres how you can design one too! I used the free version of Autodesk Sketchbook for the iPod touch, however it would be easier I imagine to use the pc version.
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Step 1: Sword design

Picture of sword design
Start with a blank slate, and turn on the vertical mirroring tool. Begin drawing the blade using a dark color (I just used black for the outline). After creating the general outline for your blade, Add some curvy lines below to create a guard.

Step 2: Make blade

Add a blood-vane down the center of your blade; I used a light blue color and some curvy mirroring to make the blade look a bit "magical". Add another set of lines down the sides of the blade to give it some edges - make sure your still using the mirror tool it will make things a LOT easier! After adding your edges, fill in the blade with some color - I recommend using a light color for the outside edge, and a slightly darker color for the main portion of the blade. I recommend using the paint bucket tool. Don't worry if you cant fill every nook and cranny; we'll take care of that later.
You've inspired me to look at autodesk sketchbook.
Cool Sword.