Dengue Mosquito Repellent - Repelente Para Mosquito Da Dengue





Introduction: Dengue Mosquito Repellent - Repelente Para Mosquito Da Dengue

Dengue Fever or Dengue is an infectious disease caused by dengue virus is generally transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti .
This instructable will show you how to do a very easy, natural inexpensive repellent and very effective against the mosquito dengue and other mosquitoes.
The information contained herein has been taken from a recipe of Ioshiko Nobukuni, which does a great job of spreading it in Brazil and has helped a lot and especially the low income population in fighting dengue.

Febre da Dengue ou simplesmente Dengue é uma doença infecciosa causada pelo vírus da Dengue que geralmente é transmitido pelo mosquito Aedes aegypti .
Este instructable vai mostrar como fazer de modo muito fácil um repelente natural de baixo custo e muito eficiente contra o mosquito da dengue e outros mosquitos.
As informações aqui contidas foram retiradas de uma receita da Ioshiko Nobukuni, que faz um grande trabalho de divulgação no Brasil e tem ajudado muito e em especial à população de baixa renda no combate da dengue.

Step 1: Ingredients - Ingredientes

1/2 liter of alcohol;
10g of clove (Syzygium aromaticum, Eugenia aromaticum or Eugenia caryophyllata);
50 ml of aromatic oil (mineral, almond, chamomile, fennel, aloe vera);

1/2 litro de álcool;
10g de cravo da Índia (Syzygium aromaticum, Eugenia aromaticum ou Eugenia caryophyllata);
50 ml de óleo aromático (mineral, amêndoas, camomila, erva-doce, aloe vera);

Step 2: How to Prepare - Como Preparar

Place the package of cloves in the alcohol and leave for four days
Shake it in the morning and evening;
After four days, put the oil (see picture below)

Coloque o pacote de cravo da índia no álcool e deixe por quatro dias
Agite o vidro pela manhã e a tarde;
Depois de quatro dias, coloque o óleo.
Veja na foto abaixo depois de quatro dias

Step 3: How to Use - Como Usar

Always shake before use. Just a single drop for each part of the body .Spread in the arms and legs and mosquito stay away from you.

Sempre agite antes de usar. Apenas uma gota em cada parte do corpo. Espalhe nos braços e pernas e os mosquitos fogem de você.

Step 4: Additional Notes - Comentarios Adicionais

The cloves keep ants away from kitchen and electronic;
The repellent keeps mosquitoes suck blood, so it’s unable to mature eggs and interfere with posture, decreasing proliferation;
The addition of oil is not to dry the skin and is very good, leaves your hands soft and fragrant.
Only the female Aedes aegypti are hematophagous (blood drinkers) and its ability to poke 300 people and put 450 eggs during her lifetime (45 days). The female mosquito needs the protein from human blood to mature the eggs.
Do not give blood for the aedes aegypti!

O cravo espanta formigas da cozinha e dos eletrônicos;
O repelente evita que o mosquito sugue o sangue, assim, ele não consegue maturar os ovos e atrapalha a postura, diminuindo a proliferação.
A adição de óleo serve para não ressecar a pele e fica muito bom, deixa as mãos macias, um suave aroma;
Só as fêmeas do Aedes aegypti são hematófagas (bebem sangue) e tem capacidade de picar 300 pessoas e botar 450 ovos durante a sua vida (45 dias). Ela precisa da proteína do sangue humano para maturar os ovos.
Não forneça sangue para o aedes aegypti!



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The best way to protect your self from Dengue and Chikgunya is eliminate where they breed . Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus are container breeding Mosquitos with a fairly short flight range . Dump all your containers , bird baths , rain buckets , tires, the bottom of plant potters ect .. If you are collecting rain water for your plants cover them with a screen

Hi smooney2,

Thanks for the comment.

I completely agree with that, but, sometimes your neighbor do, other time don't.

HI Teodoropires.... Chikgunya has reached the states. there has been over 500,000 cases in Caribean and South Americas. if your neighbors are not dumping or willing to dump there containers i would call code inforcement ASAP. most cases in Florida have been imported cases where people are going on trips to the Caribean, there has only been a few cases of locally acquired Chik V. All it takes is for someone going on a cruise get bit there and come home and have a neighbor with containers or a bunch of flower pots with water, breeding mosquitos and the next thing you know everyone within there flight range could be infected .

which alcohol to be used?

The best to use is Ethanol.
This brand made it from sugarcane and is 98GL.