i am currently in my 3rd year of highschool (I IS JUNIOR)
and in my ART2 Class. my art teacher wants us to make this art inspiration book and last weeks assignment was to make a cover for the book. everyone else was painting and collaging. and personally i hate painting and im not ever in the mood to sift through magazines, so i decided to break away from the norm and use an old pair of jeans.
tell me what you think.
this is really cool. i think if you add more fabric/sequins it'd look even cooler.
cool! I'm definatly going to do this... I don't now when but... LOL, I've got loads of old jeans and unused books around the place, great instructable, too bad about your grade.<br />
thats really kool - i shuld try this sometime - so was it just a random sketch book?
twas a school assignment. we were given random books. we had to make a new cover for it. everyone was collaging pictures and taping them to it. i wanted to use pants. =D
thats awesome - hope you got a good grade&nbsp; ^_^
actually i got a 100 out of 900. =/
what? - that suxs - you shuld have got a better grade
i had to do the inside of the book too. i did not
lol - well then thats your own fault&nbsp;
That's very creative. Good luck with your project.<br />
wow, that rocks!
I like it a lot. I think it would be even better if you added more drawings on the fabric.
i will over time. but thank you for the comment =D<br/>

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