Wanna have some cool and sturdy dog toy? This dog toy wont cost  you a lot of money. Simply find any old denim jeans in your closet. And just a few redesigning on your old jeans, you can have a new Denim Dog Toy.

Things you need:

[1] Old Denim Jeans
[2] Scissors

Step 1:

Cut the lower part of your denim jeans.

Step 2:

After cutting the lower part of the jeans, cut one of its side lengthwise.

Step 3:

Fold It!

Step 4:

It should look like this..

Step 5:

Make a loop..

Step 6:

Close the loop and make a knot.

Step 7: Final

And now it's DONE. Hope you like it! ENJOY!  :))
The shelter I volunteer at would love these! Thanks for the instructable! :)
I can finally use a good excuse to ruin my old torn jeans THANKS
soo cool , is it ok if I use your idea and sell these along with my other recyclable merchandise.
tnx for ur comments.. hope ull vote my entry..and also my 2nd entry https://www.instructables.com/id/Flashing-LED-dog-harness/ :))
Clever and simple! Well done.
Nice way to make use of an old pair of jeans!

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