video Dentistry At Home
Basic vestigal deciduous tooth extraction.
aeray4 years ago
What? No slug of whiskey first?
johnny payphone (author)  aeray4 years ago
Oh, I'd had a few.
iPodGuy4 years ago
Holy crap! He took it like a man, though,
xrobevansx4 years ago
LOL..."toothless is the new cool"...

mikeasaurus4 years ago

With some more(better) lighting/description/editing this would make a pretty awesome how-to for DIY home tooth extraction. As it stands it views as more of a forum topic than an instructable.
I suggest you keep filming your teeth being pulled until you have a video I'm happy with. Starting from your incisors I think we'll have a rough edit by the time we reach the back molars.

Kidding aside, thanks for sharing your 'surgery'. Brave man to do this at home.
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
Woah! Freakin awesome.