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A rocket powered by aerosol deodorant.

Step 1: Materials

1. Plastic water or pop bottle.
2. Power drill
3. Quarter inch bit
4. Aerosol deodorant or hairspray with butane or propane
5. Barbeque lighter
abhiram.avad9 months ago


abhiram.avad9 months ago

Dont innite with MATCHSTICKS. I burnt my hand

kylekosan234 years ago
octavian2347 years ago
you could just take the aerosol bottle and wack the top of it off and is co2 flamable?
compressed co2 is used to put out fires lol...
Boppo34 years ago
this idea is very primitive, workable yes but dangerous to not only you but others too. So my suggestion? Please, incorporate a more sophisticated ignition system into your barbecue lighter method, so that you and your pals can stand further away at a safe distance to watch your rocket fly. Maybe, you can take apart your lighter, pick out the tiny little piezoelectric sparker and connect a long wire from the tiny sparker to the rocket's thruster nozzle. Then, if possible, build maybe a rail system to help aim your rocket

But still , this a good try at making a rocket. I just hope no one gets hurt
Please remove or at least edit this Instructable before someone gets hurt even worse. And please take pictures rather than MS Paint.
Someone should make a guide on DIY ballistics. I once saw a book about making these sorts of things, rockets, cannons, trebuchets.

Are they still allowing users to make guides with admin permission? Or is it an admin only thing now?
e.montvidas5 years ago
yeah after what rossag said i am NOT going to add this to the rocket ideas that i might do ....
and anyway when you spray the aerosol or whatever into/onto something the burning somehow goes away......
i tried to make a wd-40 rocket, the spay burns nice.....but when you spray onto/into summing then light=no fire=no thrust=me unhappy

but it's a nice idea....could always try puncturing the bottle then lighting that
frikkie5 years ago
Have not tried it yet.But for warning others you must get a t-shirt that says: Im a bomb technician  if I run... try to keep up!   
mzdzohn5 years ago
 i am sorry to say but it absolutely didnt work :(
does this really work ? i am a bit scared to try!
I did this indoors and pointed it at something breakable and put my hand near the nozzle. I got a really bad burn and had it bandaged up for 2 weeks.
rossag7 years ago
does not work very dodgey set up the bottle blew up on me
Try making the hole in the cap bigger.
pickford787 years ago
try using lighter butane or propane. also they work good attached to a hot wheel toy truck with a trailer attached.
nice one i done this and used pure butne and propane it worked better than hairsprey
My latest was oxygen and propane mixed. it worked allot better but the mix was hard.
Kiteman7 years ago
No photos? No launch video? BTW, these are seriously unpredictable - warn everybody nearby to get ready to run - I once nearly removed a colleague's ear with one of these, and he was sitting behind me.
mabright99 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
no camera
You can get a cheap webcam for under a tenner, or borrow a camera.
mabright99 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
who are you, the instructable police
That's it! I'm giving you a ticket for speaking out of turn...

Most people probably think of me as the Spelling Mafioso.

Anybody who posts should expect (and want) constructive comments from the rest of the community. If you pay attention to the comments on a lot of 'ibles, you'll find people edit their work based on suggestions from others.

The only way to avoid getting the comments is to avoid posting the 'ibles.
Yes.... actually there's a lot of "Instructable Police", appearances vary according to their schedules though. They speak on behalf of the safety of Instructablians and in securing the standards that Instructables would like to see met.

Note: Sometimes even the police can have bad days and say stuff they don't mean, though usually they'll apologize later once they've calmed down :)
This doesn't go for this case though... since nothing mean was said.

xtank5 Kiteman7 years ago
You could probably make it more controlled by adding fins and then a piece of a drinking straw on the side. Then you could put it on a launch rod that is stuck in the ground to guide the rocket upwards.
What size bottle did you use and how far did it go?
mabright99 (author)  carefreeonmorph7 years ago
i used a 20 oz pop bottle or a lighter ozark water bottle, they go about 20 feet if you set it on its side.
Ssiatha7 years ago
try using metho too
nathan421007 years ago
Are you seriously recommending that someone take a metal drill bit and drill a big hole into a highly pressurized can containing flammable gas?
Actually, I think he means that you drill a hole in the cap of a soda bottle and use the bottle as your rocket.
mabright99 (author)  FrenchCrawler7 years ago
you got it right frenchcrawler
Lftndbt7 years ago
If your going to try this perhaps a makeshift guide to secure it while lauching.. I once had a bad experience of a metho bottle lauching then spinning back at me causing a fire ball to scorch my face a lil'. Not fun... :( By the way a saftey warning might be a good idea.... Just for the sake of kiddies/ people thinking this cannot hurt them... Just have a look at the 'Intro' on other rocket Instructables... Nice work..