Step 4: Finis!

Picture of Finis!
Clean up the container and make your own clever label for it (like you won't remember what it is. . . )

Let it set up for a day or two.

Use liberally, and encourage others to do so as well!


Some final notes based on early comments:

Odor is caused by bacteria, not by sweating. The essential oils I mentioned are great antimicrobials and should do a real number on all that nasty bacteria. But I do look forward to hearing about some of the more interesting scents you all try too!

This product will not keep you from sweating. Aluminum is the key ingredient in antiperspirant, and that's the bad guy in our story here. It took me a long time (and many Texas summers), but I was finally able to get over my discomfort of sweating.


I made mine using olive oil and ground lavender from my garden, it actually smells really nice and is a good deodorant
vamos32 years ago
Genius. Fighting stinky pits with my own essential oil concoction. Thanks ^_^
Tinseltoy6 years ago
Is there a place where you could buy these containers or are you really stuck using your old container? Ans, also, where would you get things like shea butter and coconut oil?
Vitacost.com has all those ingredients and really cheap.
Mtalus6 years ago
Aluminum sulfate is sometimes used as a clarifier in pools (as a flocking agent). It is also available in garden supply shops as a soil acidifier, though the purity might be different. Will it react with the soda (ph 8.3, I think)? Are you sure you smell "bad". I'm more of a Napolean type i.e. "Don't bathe I'm on my way home"....Hmmmm, perhaps an Instructable on pheremones.
Aluminum sulfate is a toxic. Check out the toxic factors in the link below.

mponceloz6 years ago
Do you think I can use mineral oil instead of coconut
blue_crane6 years ago
Essential sageoil is an antiperspirant. But do not use it if you are breastfeeding. It may stop the milk. If this has already happened don´t despair, just keep breastfeeding and the milk will come back in a few days.
lisascout6 years ago
Thank you for this! What a great idea! Now I just need to wait until mine runs out to have a container. I'm thinking that tea tree oil is also a good antibacterial, I will try a few drops of that.
rusinmn6 years ago
One question, do you melt the coconut oil first? Or just smush in the dry ingredients?
Can you tell me where to find containers?? I've been making deodorant for a couple years now and LOVE it. It works great and others love it as well. Recently I had a friend say it was a bit irritating after she shaved. I THINK this is from the baking soda?? I don't shave so I can't be sure how to adjust for her. Do you have any suggestions?
Get a piece of PVC tubing to size and a cap that will fit inside it. Pack the deodorant in the tubing with the cap (a piece of plastic of some sort) and you'r done. Store the new container in a suitable jar and press the cap up as you spend the deodorant.
Actually if you have an old stick of deodorant just remove the old stuff and replace... if you still can't find any... (not sure if they sell it but) try to buy one at your local dollar store and remove what's not needed. Good luck on your search.
nikhilmn6 years ago
ALUM is traditionally used in water purification. Tie a largish block of Alum (half fist size) on a strong thread and move it around a vessel of water (turbid, muddy you name it)...keep moving this for some time (10 seconds to 2 minutes depending upon the size of the vessel). Then wait for a few minutes and voila all the mud/ dirt settles at the bottom of the vessel. Decant the water and you have clean water. (boil before you drink/ use potassium permanganate/ use chlorine drop)....
eddie10016 years ago
I am amazed at how much crap has been written about aluminum. Bottomline here is: "Making your own deodorant without alum/aluminum eliminates possibility of side affects (.)". Good article, think I'll give it a try.
davidsona6 years ago
I haven't seen alum (going to hardware store to check it out), but could you make it into a powder and put it in this recipe to make the "anti-perspirant" part?
greenpoise6 years ago
ok. I heard Baking Soda contains aluminum. You might want to check that out. Otherwise, the whole idea is fantastic.
jguest6 years ago
Brilliant! I love home-made stuff. Now I can spend my moola on other cool things besides "organic deodorant". Thank you for posting this, I'll make some tonight.
mainoah6 years ago
I'm going to give this a try, I like the fact its all natural. My husband is allergic to just about every deodorant out except old spice, and then only the original sent gel, it gives him a terrible rash and stings his skin turning it red. Maybe I can get him to give it a try too.
garyrowl6 years ago
Hi, great instructable but I'd like to know how you managed to stop the sweating, I am almost melting away here into a pool of salt, regards, Gary.
It's you and me. 43ºc isn't all too good when you've got to walk on the sun!
Esmagamus6 years ago
I've been using blocks of alum. There are "good natural stuff" stores that sell big chunks of it as deodorant from the start. I hope I don't have to tell you how expensive that thing can be! Then, since I know a bit of chemistry, I just go to a hardware store and by a barber's stone, which is a rectangular block of "cast" alum. It doesn't have aluminium in it, so it's not irritant for my skin. The only downside is that I tend to drop my stones and curse at the small useless chunks on the floor!
tudorvision6 years ago
what about white rub-off on clothing? will this happen? it is summer, after all, and all those cute sleeveless dresses don't look as cute with "gosting"...
How much coconut scent is there? I love the smell of coconut my guy doesn't. Would you recommend a different oil?
scoochmaroo (author)  wendy_loohoo6 years ago
Sure, you could use any other oil that's a solid at room temperature, like shea butter or coco butter. But really, it doesn't smell too much like coconut, esp if you add tea tree oil! The notes of the essential oils really take over.
InvaderDig6 years ago
Cool instructable. I'm going to try this out when I get back to Texas. Ironically I'm reading it while on vacation in Canada.
I am sooooo glad to find this lesson! My B-O derant has been making we wince when I put it on because it stings sooo bad. I'm gonna make this today! Thank you so much.
scoochmaroo (author)  foxfirekenzie6 years ago
OOOOh that sounds bad. Make sure you use some vitamin e - I found it to be v. soothing!