Pi, is, of course, a useful tool in math - but a Raspberry Pi is a useful tool in all kinds of ways.  We are delighted to own a Raspberry Pi - which is sort of like the Naked Mole Rat of computers: it's a credit-card sized DIY PC, without any unnecessary parts like a case, monitor, keyboard, etc. designed to teach kids to become programmers and work with hardware as well as software.

You can even use a Raspberry Pi to calculate Pi by utilizing the excellent MIT instructional program Scratch

So, in honor of Pi Day...we bring you...the Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi, made from phyllo dough, a raspberry cream custard, and a kiwifruit coulis.  Here's how we did it:

Step 1: Creating a Model

This part was easy - because I have an extremely smart partner!  Sparky built a LEGO replica of the Raspberry pi to use for molding chocolate, making it Pop-Pastry sized.  It helps that he has a nearly limitless supply of legos of all shapes and sizes - and that he has the capacity to imagine what a lego pi would look like.
Oh. Oh no. <br />Are you trying to rip a portal in space-time or what??
LOL, just also realizing that if it is a CIRCULAR portal, all I have to do is measure across it to see if my ample hips will fit through...(tee hee)
I believe that with Pi all things are possible....(Thank you!)

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