Picture of Department of Redundancy Department: Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pie
Pi, is, of course, a useful tool in math - but a Raspberry Pi is a useful tool in all kinds of ways.  We are delighted to own a Raspberry Pi - which is sort of like the Naked Mole Rat of computers: it's a credit-card sized DIY PC, without any unnecessary parts like a case, monitor, keyboard, etc. designed to teach kids to become programmers and work with hardware as well as software.

You can even use a Raspberry Pi to calculate Pi by utilizing the excellent MIT instructional program Scratch

So, in honor of Pi Day...we bring you...the Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi, made from phyllo dough, a raspberry cream custard, and a kiwifruit coulis.  Here's how we did it:
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Step 1: Creating a model

Picture of Creating a model
This part was easy - because I have an extremely smart partner!  Sparky built a LEGO replica of the Raspberry pi to use for molding chocolate, making it Pop-Pastry sized.  It helps that he has a nearly limitless supply of legos of all shapes and sizes - and that he has the capacity to imagine what a lego pi would look like.

Step 2: Creating the filling and preparing the pastry

Picture of Creating the filling and preparing the pastry
This part was relatively simple.  You will make four toaster pastries out of this recipe.

12 oz raspberries (fresh are better, but you can use frozen)
1 egg
4 oz cream cheese (we use Neufchatel)
1/3 cup vanilla sugar
3 tbsp Wondra flour

Blend together the egg, cream cheese, vanilla sugar and flour.  Add the raspberries, mashing them slightly to release their juice.  Set aside in the refrigerator until ready to use.


1 package "thick" phyllo dough
2 tsp flour
2 tbsp water
Cooking spray

We created a lego "mold" to make sure our toaster pastries were the right size.  Each pastry used 1 1/2 full sheets of phyllo, each sheet divided in half.

Step 3: Assembling the Pastry

Picture of Assembling the Pastry
Lay your first sheet inside the mold and gently wrinkle it until it fits inside the corners.  Spray generously with cooking spray. Lay the second sheet of phyllo crosswise to the first and spray.
Oh. Oh no.
Are you trying to rip a portal in space-time or what??
LOL, just also realizing that if it is a CIRCULAR portal, all I have to do is measure across it to see if my ample hips will fit through...(tee hee)
I believe that with Pi all things are possible....(Thank you!)