Introduction: Deploy CWLY

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The CWLY is available on GitHub and it can be deployed on Heroku by following this guide. The prerequisites to complete this tutorial are:

  • GitHub account
  • Heroku account

Step 1: Step 1: Fork

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The first step is to fork the CWLY repository to your account.

Step 2: Step 2: Create Application on Heroku

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The second step is to create an application on your Heroku account. The application name will define the URL for the application instance:

After creating the application, click in Resources and add a Heroku Postgres, associating it with your application.

To deploy the application, click in Deploy, GitHub and Connect to GitHub.

Authorize Heroku to access your GitHub account.

Step 3: Step 3: Deploy

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After connecting, select the repository where you forked CWLY application.

After selecting the repository, click Enable Automatic Deploy. On the bottom, click Deploy Branch and wait until application is deployed.


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