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Introduction: DepotDevoid's Depot Devoid of Cleanliness

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Welcome to the former garage that is my combination workshop and laundry room!   This is the place I spend all the time I possibly can, head phones playing a little Skeptoid and hands busy building something new. 

Click this link: THIS ONE!!! to see a full 360 degree panorama of the shop! 

Follow along the next several steps for details of my shrine to clutter.  Check the image notes!

Step 1: Workbench: North Arm

Step 2: Workbench: Northwest Corner

Step 3: Workbench: West Arm

Step 4: Corner of Doom #1

Step 5: Poorly Utilized Space

Step 6: The "Stuff" Drawers

I know I've mentioned these drawers in previous instructables, they're where all my bits and pieces go, to be used later in various projects.

Step 7: Laundry Zone

Step 8: Corner of Doom #2

Step 9: Ceiling Storage

Step 10: Full Circle, or Final Thoughts

Again, take a look at the 360 degree view:  HERE!

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Many thanks to user egkhoury for his excellent instructable on how to make your own 360 degree panorama!

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    The 360 is AMAZING!! I love this workspace!!! I kept running into items I have tucked away that would be great to have more access to. I may have to modify my workspace.

    I actually have the oriental party lights,too. I got em at EPCOT ages ago!

    4 replies

    Thanks Dave, I thought the 360 would be a nice touch, I only wish I could figure out how to embed it in my instructable!

    We picked up those lights at a yard sale a few years back. They used to sit under our large covered patio area in the last house we lived in, but sadly I don't have a place for them now . . . not yet anyway!

    > I thought the 360 would be a nice touch
    . You were right.

    > I only wish I could figure out how to embed it in my instructable!
    . It's a kludge fix (much more kludge than fix), but you should be able to do a screen capture as you scroll around and upload that to Youtube (or other site that can be embedded at Ibles).

    A kludge fix is better than no fix. I posted a question yesterday, we'll see if someone can figure it out. If not, I may go the youtube route!

    . Good luck.
    .  BTW, in step 8, you have waaaaayyyy too much stuff on the floor in front of the breaker panel. I would feel better if you had better access to the panel in an emergency.

    your ceiling storage is a good use of space, I'll have to remember that one...

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    Yeah, it's really useful! Funny thing about that though, I thought I saw it in an instructable, but when I came back to the site to thank the author for the idea, I was unable to locate it. I'm not sure if I dreamed the whole thing, or if it came from somewhere else on the internet.

    Hmmm, how do you get the middle box out of the ceiling rack? Do you have to slide all of the others off or it twists out of it's space? I'm guessing that are handles you attached to the bottom of covered plastic storage containers.

    btw, I like the storage of consumable drinks next to the caustic cleaning chemicals. And does the car fit in the garage? :)

    Fah, there is clearly a box of dryer sheets separating the drinks from (most) of the chemicals! Besides, diet soda and moon shot beer are only marginally drinkable anyway.

    You're right, those are just plastic storage bins with handles attached to the bottom, with a couple strips of wood nailed to the rafters.  To get them out, you lift one side up and the other side can then fit through, repeat in reverse to get them back in.

    The last owner of my house replaced the garage door with a rather sloppily built wall and a man-sized door, so it would probably be a bad idea to try and squeeze a car in there.  Besides, who actually stores a car in the garage?

    . Kiteman's Law. I'd really like to see some details.

    Huh, I never knew about Kiteman's law, but good point. I may have to write up a little ible.

    .  I thought you were familiar with Kiteman's Law or I would have provided a link. Sorry about that.

    No worries, a quick search told me all about it. I had one of those "How have I never heard of that," moments!

    the ceiling storage is an interesting idea, like it, I think I may steal it. and your space is so organized too. I wish I had a garage. My workspace is divided up over multiple locations which means I am always running back and forth getting some tool or another from the other place.

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    Steal away, you're welcome to it! I think I'm going to post an instructable about it sooner or later, but if you beat me to the punch I won't mind.

    Having a garage is sooooo nice, I used to have the same problem of running back and forth all the time, until we bought our house.

    I am ashamed of you - this is DIY porn - the space, the tools, the bits and pieces, the organization, the finished and unfinished projects, the cat... young people without resources come to this site, now you have warped them forever.

    2 replies

    Oh noes! I've sullied the internet with my weird DIY fetishism!

    . ROFLMAO! I know my arousal level jumped about 12 points when I saw his shop ... and I'm an Old Fart.