Depression-Era Microphone Props





Introduction: Depression-Era Microphone Props

I made these depression-era isolation-mounted microphone props for my daughter's middle school production of "Annie". The mics were fabricated from ABS conduit , fittings, and plumbing parts. The microphone centers were kitchen drain inserts. The mic flags were made from ABS scraps with artwork made in Adobe Illustrator and printed on an inkjet printer. The stands were some old bases for torchiere lamps I had out in the shop. I "steampunked" them up a bit with the colors, which caught the lights beautifully on stage. They were a little bouncy from the spring mounts when I first assembled them, so I added some "wires" (sprinkler tubing attached with gold coaxial connectors) which deadened the movement nicely. Enjoy!

I finally added a photo of the microphones in use in the musical "Annie" at our local middle school. The show was great and I received a lot of compliments on the props!



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    You realize that I don't run the Instructables website, right?

    Ok this is stupid i shouldnt have to pay to learn how to make something

    It says you have to have premier to download the pdf so ill figure this out on my owm and post something for free on a different website

    Does anybody know what the rounded bits of the outer frame are? I looked all over Lowes for them but I couldn't figure it out.

    At least a parts list would be helpful.

    Could you post some more specific specs, I am building this for my high school's production of a play set in a similar era. It would be much appreciated.

    I'm afraid the props were donated to the High School a long time ago so I no longer have them to take measurements. Is there something specific you wanted to know?