How to deseed a pomegranate quickly without staining your fingers or making a big mess.

Step 1:

Grab the most luscious looking ruby colored pomegranate at your local grocery store. 
<p>This is the most efficient way to do that! waw! I needed this method before!! Amazing! From now on, I will use this easy simple method! thanks! </p>
I will try this up for sure
<p>U could boiled the water with pomegranate to make some juice :P </p>
Do you eat the seeds or the white stuff or the rind??
<p>You eat the seeds usually. They have a very nice flavor.</p>
<p>Wow its so easy...did not know this simple technique.</p><p>Thanks for sharing .</p>
Great job! And I'm with jessyratfink, Nigella's way is a fast MESS leaving more juice splattered then collected. Much better way here
Awesome! (Also, great countertops!)
Awesome instructable! I will use this the next time i eat a pomegranate! :)
Nice - my kids eat them all the time and are forever making a mess through the house with their sticky hands. We might try this. Thanks for sharing.
It is very interesting! I'll try it!
Awesome job! I've been using this trick for years now and I must admit that I'm a little jealous that I didn't think of posting it myself! If I may just make a suggestion, instead of cutting it straight in half, try scoring the outside of the pomegranate (avoid going too far into the pith if you can), dividing it into fourths. Then, gently pull it apart along the cuts into halves, then quarters. By cutting only the outside skin of the pomegranate you keep most of the juice that you would have otherwise lost by cutting through the seeds. Other than that, great ible, keep up the good work!
Excellent method, I'm going to try it.<br>
They are so beautiful! But, I don't know what to do with them...
Don't cut all the way through, just cut the skin and rip it open underwater.<br><br>Then take the jewels and put them in a ziploc bag, pound on it with your fist, open one end and pour out the juice.
Thanks for sharing, I hate to peel pomegranates because I did not know this method.
Very smart! I do love pomegranates, but they are awful about staining your hands, and Nigella Lawson's "cut it in half and whack it with a spoon" is so messy. I will have to try this. :D

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