Deseed Pomegranates in Seconds





Introduction: Deseed Pomegranates in Seconds

How to deseed a pomegranate quickly without staining your fingers or making a big mess.

Step 1:

Grab the most luscious looking ruby colored pomegranate at your local grocery store. 

Step 2:

Take any sharp kitchen knife and slice through the fruit  vertically. 

Step 3:

Next get some sort of mixing bowl you have in your kitchen and fill it about half way with water. The bowl should be big enough for you to fit both of your hands in so don't go off and grab a cereal bowl, unless you eat cereal out of big mixing bowls.

Step 4:

Okay now take half of your sliced pomegranate and place it in the water filled bowl. Stick your hands in there and start peeling away the rind and separating the seeds from the white, fleshy part inside called albedo. The seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl and the albedo and rind will float to the top.

Step 5:

Pick out the rind and white albedo that has floated to the top so that you are left with a water and seed filled bowl.

Step 6:

Drain the water and put your seeds in some short of dish, or smaller bowl, or whatever you want depending on what you want to do with them now. Congrats! You can now seed a pomegranate in seconds without staining your hands!



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short and sweet way

This is the most efficient way to do that! waw! I needed this method before!! Amazing! From now on, I will use this easy simple method! thanks!

I will try this up for sure

U could boiled the water with pomegranate to make some juice :P

Do you eat the seeds or the white stuff or the rind??

You eat the seeds usually. They have a very nice flavor.

Wow its so easy...did not know this simple technique.

Thanks for sharing .

Great job! And I'm with jessyratfink, Nigella's way is a fast MESS leaving more juice splattered then collected. Much better way here

Awesome! (Also, great countertops!)

Awesome instructable! I will use this the next time i eat a pomegranate! :)