Some internal pics of the desert eagle and the removable mag gun from my video.
Is this an Uzi.
Need a teleporter here.
nice pic how do you get a pic on your profile <br>
<strong>&nbsp;um, the DEagle looks more like an uzi... :?</strong>
does to me to. lol
&nbsp;Like I said in the video, it didn't look like a Desert Eagle anymore.
<p>Specs. on the Eagle?</p>
It doesn't work.<br />
LOL, the rifle looks like something I would build.
It's just that it's the same kind of mag same kind of barrel type and what not. This just looks like something I would build. :-)
Interesting D'eagle...
Yo Jollex, also, if I can build that assault rifle, can I post?
Hmm... I cant see the trigger very well, can you show me what it looks like?
&nbsp;I don't have the gun anymore. &nbsp;I might upload some higher quality pictures to photobucket later.
I have this, but I cannot figure out or see the other bit, can you just describe what it is like?<br /> <br />
It has a trigger similar to his JAR. (Ki)<br /> A link: <a href="http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg159/jollex/JAR/Part%201/DSC01169.jpg" rel="nofollow">Voila</a><br />
Sweet!&nbsp;Thanks!<br /> <br /> Sub from me! :)
Thanks.<br /> Just helping people.<br />
&nbsp;What he said ^
I like that rifle<br />
Nice! Also, I saw that vid on youtube, I also commented on it. I'm br3akt1lludi3 on youtube :P

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